Index of Sex

Here’s a poem I posted to the Antiweb mailing list a few weeks ago, made up entirely of search engine terms people have used to reach this site (I culled them from my logfiles):

index of sex

girls in chains
dancing naked
spanish girl
destricted sex
pseudo hdr

disco photos
spider park
air lore
swamp thing

black naked slaves
white slave girls
naked little girls
building websites for kids

naked girl dancing
melt launch sumption
girls naked together
druidstone wales

naked spanish girls
spanish girls naked

grind crusher
slave girls of rome
naked chained

carol ann duffy
naked and submissive
teaching photography

sumption legendary stardust
my celebrity look alike
screaming squirters
grease photos
belly buttons
naked life

giant japanese spider crab
lady lucks burlesque beauties
arabic insult generator
muslim, girls naked

off camera flash technique
fluorescent safety jackets
girls undress
girls on boats
“it is corrupt, absent, or not writeable”

impaled destricted
fire tornado
today i am going to kill carol ann duffy

sheffield fun park
wedding day buttonholes
very dark skinned naked girls
devil’s toenails

slave girl bed warming
untidy workplace
parrots in teddington
watch girls undress

benefits of taking fernet branca
girls and chains
diesel irony
flash technique

girls naked alone in house
reading books in our life
downwards trajectory level
join groups to get nude girl photos

spanisch girls naked
islamic patterns
valentino rossi
ox stones
bass sax
whipped cream
whipped my arse

zen wine
francis thumm
1950s clothing archives
park fence
girls with boats
globe shaped hoover vacuum cleaners

wath is life
lola needs
recipes for fesant
je taime john wayne
first photo shoot
what happened to horlicks in the us?

i look for nude girls in rome

“russian cocaine” lemon
girls in the girls room naked
four naked slaves
literary clothing
“girls in masks”

find slave girl
turbostar toilets
ileum full faeces
my marriage is going down the sony

coco pops target audience
girls completely naked in bed together
small naked girls
girls stripped naked by friends

how to see a ghost
joke about denim jacket
submissive women naked
literary syllogism

physical memory dump no administrator password

everytime i start up my computer i get a blue screen that says dumping physical memory to disk

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