Washtock photos and new flash doodads

This weekend was Washtock 2007. Last year, Washtock was the event which introduced me to so many of Sheffield’s bands and really helped me to connect with the Sheffield scene. So I wanted to try and be there for the whole weekend this year, and catch as many new acts as possible. I failed rather – got there for the last 5 minutes on Friday, caught most of last night, but tonight felt too ill to go at all. All the same, I did manage to take some great photos on Saturday night at Washtock, and I also got to see Kid Acne for the first time which was well worth the wait.

I was trialling new equipment too – a few weeks ago, I splashed out on a very expensive Canon Speedlite 580EX II (I bought it because I was photographing a wedding – bloody typical, the Speedlite didn’t arrive until after the wedding) and a Lumiquest 80/20. I’ve also ordered an off-camera E-TTL flash cable which hasn’t arrived yet, but Andy lent me his. So, last night was the first time I fired this lot in anger. I started off feeling my way, pretty experimental and pretty crap, but once I sellotaped a piece of white paper over the top of the 80/20 and dialled the shutter speed right down to 1/5th to get some background fill-in, things really started cooking. I got some lovely photos, and I’m really looking forward to going out again with this set-up.

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