The Center Parks experience

Just got back from our annual holiday – 4 days (well, 3 and a bit) at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest. The holiday was “cheap” (well, £250 for an 8-bedroom “villa”, which apparently is a lot less than the usual price – we got a discount as foster carers), but everything else was ludicrously expensive. Center Parcs offer literally hundreds of activities, from nature trails to crazy golf to 4×4 “experiences” to arts & crafts, but everything costs. And most of them start at around £15. Per person. For an activity that lasts an hour or two. Many also require an accompanying adult (who must also pay).

So we could well have spent several hundred pounds on activities for the kids. But, being skint, we just made use of endless free swimming (about the only thing on the site that is free). And walked about the vast sprawling site (almost 1000 villas = far too many people) dodging wobbly once-a-year cyclists.

Lots of other stuff to hate about Center Parcs, and a few other things to love, but that’ll do for now.
Next year, we’ll pay a bit more for the accomodation, and go somewhere where the nature trails are free.

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