The 1234 Shoreditch Festival

Yesterday I went to the 1234 festival, organised by our mates at 1234 records. With my “Access All Areas” press pass, I had some fun backstage and got a few decent photos (appearing soon on Dan Shot Me – a couple are already up on Flickr). Didn’t catch a lot of music, although I was very happy to grab the end of Man Like Me‘s set – I saw them last December on the Vice tour, where they were the highlight of the evening.

I hooked up with Jan while I was there, and the two of us pootled around photographing everything, him with his little compact camera and me with another Heath Robinson-esque flash rig, which Suz has described as looking “like a portable version of the Fylingdales Early Warning Station in Yorkshire”. Here’s a photo Jan took of me and my rig:

Dan pretending to be Fylingdales Early Warning Station (mobile version)

2 thoughts on “The 1234 Shoreditch Festival

  1. I’m surprised that everyone looked so friendly and happy instead of scared out of their wits! 🙂 The results are great though!

  2. I think this explains the fact that people in the photos are paying *so* much attention to me, often with rather curious looks, including many of the people in the background.

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