Hey, Hot Shot!

Thanks to Paul for pointing out that I got an “honourable mention” in the Summer 2007 Hey Hot Shot competition run by New York’s Jen Beckman gallery. This is a pretty big deal: Hey Hot Shot seems to have a lot of Kudos in the art photography world, and I (like many others) picked up on it via a post on Alec Soth’s blog (Alec, as well as being a darling of the art photography scene, is a very sassy guy [as you’ll see if you delve into his blog]).

As Paul also pointed out, an “honourable mention” may be better than actually winning the competition:

I **think** you have to get the prints mounted and framed then posted somehow to the USA? Then obliged to go to the opening. Flights, hotel bill, etc = all adds up to a lot of cash … from my miserly perspective, an honourable mention is better than actually “winning”… Nice one.

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