One of my Favourite Singers

First, a little background: Lola has recently become more and more proficient using computers and the Internet. Under the tutelage of her cousin Beth, she has learnt to use Youtube, and now spends most of her online time switching between Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani videos. Last week she asked me who I preferred, Avril or Gwen. Tough question. I went for Gwen.

This morning, Lola was watching/listening to Avril Lavigne. Then, she switched to a Gwen Stefani track. As the intro music played, she shouted out to me “Dad, one of your favourite singers is about to come on!”

I had to clarify her statement: “one of my favourite singers out of Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani.” Gill and I couldn’t stop giggling for the next five minutes. We had “a moment”. Perhaps you had to be there…

2 thoughts on “One of my Favourite Singers

  1. Wow, it lives on – yes, that was me indeed. Nice to see my work still out there on the Internet somewhere – 1994 seems like such a long time ago, and that Compuserve email address died not long after.

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