(written on the train, using my mobile)

zzz… tired. been on the train almost 11 hours today (and still on the train), with some stressful work and less stressful socialising/drinking in between. i’ve been in glasgow on a photoshoot, and I felt that it went rather terribly. but I just looked at some pics, and actually it went ok. not great, but quite passable. which, after my earlier despondency, makes me want to take more photos. so, when I roll into sheffield at 23.15 (i left home at 03.15), I feel compelled to go to the runaway girl to catch some photos of the indie hour’s birthday party, then up to bungalows & bears for ralph razor’s birthday party, then perhaps, finally, up the hill and home to bed.

Update: I got the wrong night for the Indie Hour party – that’s not for a couple of weeks yet. I made it to Ralph’s though, but didn’t take any pictures.

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