The day’s got a “y” in it – so it must be time to update iTunes

iTunes drives me mad.

It seems there’s hardly a day goes by without that Apple software update app popping up and ruining it for me. And of course, every time I update iTunes I then have to delete the now inoperative shortcut icon from my quick links bar (why they can’t stick the new version in the same location, like virtually every other bit of Windows software, is beyond me), I have to agree to another set of Apple T&Cs, and I have to wait while the new version “scans” my music library. Ah well, it could be worse: at least they seem to have given up on the habit of re-installing that utterly useless Quicktime system tray app, which I used to have to uninstall every time around the merry-go-round.

I’m not even sure what it is that I’m getting with these never-ending updates: I haven’t noticed any useful improvements in the last year or so. I can only assume that the updates just bolt on new ways for Apple to make money out of the iTunes store, which I never use.
I’ve finally taken the only sane route and disabled iTunes auto-updates, although it annoys me that I should be bullied into doing so.