Empty Space

I just got my own radio show!

The first “Empty Space” will broadcast on Sheffield Live next Tuesday from 10am until noon (GMT). It will continue every week, either in that slot or at the same time on Friday.

You can listen live at www.sheffieldlive.org – where every show will also be archived as an MP3/podcast – or if you live within a few miles of Sheffield city centre then you can tune your radio to 93.2FM.

The show will be about contemporary visual and audio arts. I’ll have features and interviews on Sheffield events and artists, interspersed with eclectic and experiMental music. I’ll also be working with artists to create some one-off made-for-radio artworks.

If you’re near a computer when the show’s on, please visit the Sheffield Live chat room, where I’ll be hanging out and taking feedback and suggestions.

After (or even during) the show, I’ll be posting track-listings and details of events to FAD, the arts magazine website which I co-edit.

And I’ve set up a Myspace page where musicans can add me and lead me to their music

I’m very open to suggestions for features, guests, music, happenings – anything which might work on the airwaves, but which doesn’t usually get an airing.

Please listen and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Empty Space

  1. Dan that was a really great show mate, I’m not just saying it. It sounded like you’ve done it before; a natural! I actually was glued for 90% of the time… only complaints; adverts and trying to get folk chatting about something always gets me goat, esp. corporate ‘art’… You could’ve done with a couple of folk chatting to each other and some joking about but all in all – brilliant! Lemme know if you need owt. Jd

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