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I just did a very pleasant photoshoot with Brian & Heather of Acolytes Action Squad (one of my favourite bands at the moment). They had an idea which tied in with the accompanying interview, and so we leapt into Heather’s car and I assumed the role of Junior in the back seat. After realising that my 24mm lens would never cut it that close up, I realised that I’d finally found a use for the Peleng fisheye which I borrowed off Gareth about a year ago. It was virtually impossible trying to focus it, and trying to get the scene properly lit without horrendous lens flare, but we got some pretty decent results.

Then I took the photos into Lightroom and started tidying them up and doing the grayscale conversions for Sandman. Lightroom makes it ridiculously easy to adjust the contribution made by various colours to the final B&W mix. I remember Guy telling me years ago how important it is to get this right, but Photoshop’s RGB way of doing it never made much sense to me. With the full spectrum separated out in Lightroom it’s much easier to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.

Anyway, I got rather carried away. I’m not sure whether I’ll go with the extreme conversion below (made by removing most of the orange from the photo, hence destroying the skin tones) – or if I do, I’ll probably tidy up Heather’s face a bit – but it’s quite fun and seems to fit in with the general spirit of the photo. Seems to work like a partial solarisation, and it works wonders for Brian’s finger and gives his face a nice Darth Maul look.

Acolyte's Action Squad - photoshoot for Sandman magazine

Acolytes Action Squad - photoshoot for Sandman magazine

There’s a couple more photos from this shoot on Flickr (click on either photo above, and find your way to the rest of them…)

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  1. Oh i do like, and well done for pulling of these images do stick with the first black n white e mail me the raw ones ill play with in the new gimp i have found it dose srgb (thanks to outallnight) and have been playaing or you can download for your windoze box at in fact do and take them into there and play if still not happy there is that derelict space that should add to it all happy playing and forgive me for yesterday my head was not there, fucking green man let me down so shout at him (lol)

    One Love
    abba (was they not a rock band)

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