Dave’s birthday party

After a Christmas and New Year period spent almost entirely at home (I needed to recharge my batteries after 6 months frantically commuting backwards and forwards to London), I thought I ought to have at least one night out in Sheffield before returning to the smoke. So glad I did. I went to Dave (Attwood – drummer from Rumpus & Baby Long Legs)’s birthday party, and had that kind of wonderful time which always seems to happen when I hook up with the Shefferati.
Jokers wild

At first I was quite reserved – I’m not drinking at the moment (well, I did have one can of beer), and it normally takes me a couple of drinks to lose my inhibitions and feel comfortable at a party. But I think everything came together when I started dancing. I don’t dance often these days – getting too fat, and I always seem to end up dad-dancing – but once I shed my heavy winter coat and really put my all into it, I found I was having an amazing time, enjoying myself so much. I even found that I could dance, more or less, which surprised me enormously. Who needs booze when you can have dance?

I met some wonderful people – a few old friends, a few new ones – but had to leave fairly early to make sure Rowan gets to bed at a reasonable hour. I couldn’t resist stopping off at the Washington on the way back – more lovely encounters with familiar faces – and then came home, sober but glowing all over.

And for the first time in almost a year, I’ve added another gallery to danshotme.com. Here are some photos from the party – enjoy!

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