I'm Back
“When I started this blog, back in February 2001, its title meant something: Life - ...”
Airbnb holiday apartment rental in Sheffield
“We now have a lovely, newly decorated hip, modern studio-flat, attached to our house, which ...”
E. A. Markham
“This morning, flicking through a pile of poetry books that had made its way onto ...”
“hyp·na·go·gic adjective Of, relating to, or occurring in the period of drowsiness immediately preceding sleep. hypnagogic ...”
TDD: When Not To Unit Test
“Often when I speak to development teams about their technical debt, one of the issues ...”
Sue Schofield
“To celebrate Ada Lovelace day, and the importance of women in technology, I’d like to ...”
Hans Aarsman
“A few weeks ago I went to the Photographers’ Gallery for a lecture by the ...”
I'm Qyper of the week!
“A while ago, I signed up to review site Qype, but it was only last ...”
2008: Life
“In part one of my “2008 and thereabouts” retrospective, I talked about what I’d been ...”
“I love that whenever I write London on this blog, SEO Smart Links auto-links it ...”
2008: Work
“Like I said, I've been meaning to post a summary of my last 18 months. ...”
Blog rating system
“You may have noticed, I added a "star" rating-system to the bottom of each post ...”
Fixed my blog (again)
“The holiday period is, of course, a time for doing all of those things which ...”
“So far so good!”
Got my wi-fi up to speed
“For a long time now (at least a year, but hard to say because I've ...”
My web bookmarks
“I have been updating my bookmarks - some of which have been knocking around on ...”
Reasons to be Cheerful
“ ...Although there are reasons to be concerned, and the Obama presidency can't possibly live up ...”
Hunger by Steve McQueen
“My earliest vivid memory of a TV news report was one on the dirty protests ...”
All good...
“I finally fixed my problem with blog comments (turns out the database was locked), and ...”
Circles of...
“Melvin Bragg + intervention + 5pm->7om !=== Listened to Brahms (?) string sextett last night. ...”
Blog Broke
“For some reason, comments on this blog don't seem to be working (and haven't been ...”
Mouse-wobbling blobby things
“I've been spending the last few days on some rather interesting ActionScript challenges. I've been ...”
Christmas radio. And things.
“Over the Christmas and New Yea period, I've been listening to a lot of Resonance ...”
Christmas on the Radio
“The more observant of you may have noticed that 25th December falls on a Tuesday ...”
Communion with the Dead
“My Sumption-radar picked this up the other day.”
Empty Space
“I just got my own radio show! The first "Empty Space" will broadcast on Sheffield Live ...”
Hooked on a Feeling
“Over a Stuck Between Stations there's a great compilation of all those terrible music videos ...”
Upgrade. Reboot.
“Apologies for the slightly drab look around here. Just upgraded WordPress (from 2.0.4 to 2.3, ...”
The day's got a "y" in it - so it must be time to update iTunes
iTunes drives me mad. It seems there's hardly a day goes by without that Apple software ...”
Email meltdown
“Some time on Sunday, my email software went into meltdown. All of my emails received ...”
Canon EOS 40D "user modes"
“On Saturday, I got to try out my most anticipated new feature of the EOS ...”
(written on the train, using my mobile)
“zzz... tired. been on the train almost 11 hours today (and still on the train), ...”
Leonard Cheshire art show
“I will have three of my photos exhibited in an art show this weekend. The ...”
Open letter to Vodafone
“I recently switched my mobile phone from Vodafone (who I've foolishly stuck with these last ...”
One of my Favourite Singers
“First, a little background: Lola has recently become more and more proficient using computers and ...”
Hey, Hot Shot!
“Thanks to Paul for pointing out that I got an "honourable mention" in the Summer ...”
Fast wide-angle lens
“So, I've been working down in London for a couple of weeks and, as a ...”
“Walking to work this morning. Mood: poetic... I love this city like the back of my ...”
Ad Agency Toilets
“At the risk of sounding like a toilet-usability-obsessive (following my post about train toilet usability), ...”
The Center Parks experience
“Just got back from our annual holiday - 4 days (well, 3 and a bit) ...”
Washtock photos and new flash doodads
“This weekend was Washtock 2007. Last year, Washtock was the event which introduced me to ...”
Cherokees go to London
“More photos up on Dan Shot Me - this time, a gig, a photoshoot, and ...”
Index of Sex
“Here's a poem I posted to the Antiweb mailing list a few weeks ago, made ...”
Meat for a Dark Day photos
“Out last night to see the wonderful Meat for a Dark Day, at the launch ...”
A day at the Leadmill, a night at the... Leadmill
“A bit different from my usual photoset: on Saturday I was asked to tail Sheffield ...”
Freshly Shot!
“I've uploaded a few new photosets to Dan Shot Me over the last few weeks ...”
Photos of photobooks
“I finally got around to taking some photos of my photobooks (all pages) and uploading ...”
I already know that!
“From the mouths of babes... come a great many amusing, fascinating and enlightening utterances. I ...”
Wawa river, Bacoor, Phillippines
“When it relaunched in its new Berliner format, the Guardian added a wonderful new feature, ...”
Take a Bad Song, and Make Things Better...
“Stuart Faulkner, of The Barnacles/Pink Grease, has temporarily taken over the Barnacles Myspace page with ...”
Pink Grease roller disco photos
“Sorry to everyone who's had to wait these last two weeks... but I finally got ...”
I am not a Rapist
“I was supposed to be teaching a photography workshop to a group of Muslim girls ...”
What's Blue and White and Very Funny?
“Ever since the age of about 13, I have had a favourite joke. It's one ...”
Playing Bass with Damo Suzuki
“There's a short clip up on Google Video of my band, The Tajalli Vortex, playing ...”
Whipped Cream
“A question: can anybody suggest a reason why Google has suddenly started serving whipped cream-related ...”
Courier delivery times
“Why is it that whenever I'm sent something "AM delivery" it arrives, without fail, between ...”
Art and nightclub photography controversy
“(I started writing this post just over a month ago. Just spotted it in my ...”
Stuck Between Stations
“Friends Scot, Mal and Xian have a new music magazine/blog, coming from a slightly older, ...”
Search engine latest news
“From time-to-time, I've reported here on some of the search phrases that bring the most ...”
Culturally Inappropriate
“Our latest fostering placement just ended, under very unfortunate circumstances. Normally, trans-racial and cross-cultural fostering is ...”
Gail Orenstein - deleted
“Flickr have, without warning, deleted the account of Gail Orenstein, one of the few genuinely ...”
Gigs in Sheffield, 26th April and 1st May
“Yes, I'm putting down my camera again and picking up my bass. Here's an update ...”
Announcing: Vonnegut Day
“One of my favourite writers, George Saunders, has proposed a new national holiday in honour ...”
Photobooks for sale: Ponderosa and Party People
“I am planning to publish two books of my photos. This is something I've been ...”
Jan and Emma's Leaving Do
“I had many plans last night - and ended up following very few of them. ...”
I Ignite Models
“I will soon be doing another model photo-shoot. This kind of thing makes me nervous. ...”
Naked Slave-Girls in Chains
“One of my earliest memories. I was watching an old film on TV, alone in the ...”
Anger Management
“I just read this on somebody's Myspace bulletin. It's great: When you occasionally have a bad ...”
Procissão de Todos os Santos 2006
“It's not often that I stumble upon a Flickr user's stream who's photos really grab ...”
Dancing your life away
“Raymond Sumption, 94, is proof that women like a good dancer... Sumption's attitude is that ...”
Women and Abu Ghraib
“Bee Flowers' new exhibition Liberation - Women and Abu Ghraib is simultaneously beautiful, shocking, funny, ...”
My, how quickly they grow
“Last night I commented on how Rowan is nearly as tall as Gill (there's about ...”
Teaching Photography
“Tonight I taught my first photography workshop in Wath-on-Dearne. I had been dreading it - ...”
“I am working on a new set of photos, taken in Sheffield's Ponderosa park. Photos ...”
Got Cum?
“Warning! Not Safe For Anywhere. Hilarious though.”
Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello...
“Delving through the archives, I unearthed a recording of an old jam session from (fuck ...”
Ones to Watch - Baby Long Legs
“Published in this month's Sandman Magazine: For some thirty years now, the phrase “prog rock” has ...”
Known to the Police
“Four months ago, I had a strange confrontation late one Friday night. I was walking ...”
Sheffield Flickr Interview
“I was recently interviewed by the members of the Sheffield Flickr Group. The interview is online ...”
Happy Birthday
“This blog is six years old today.”
Washtock Exhibition Opening
“Last night was the opening of my photo exhibition at the Washington. There was a ...”
Ox Stones photos
“A few photos from last night - it was almost worth my van falling in ...”
Free Jamming!
“I'm in a(nother) band! I've joined up with the Tajalli Vortex as their full-time bass-player. ...”
More Photo Opportunities
“Well, this year took a while to get started but now, all of a sudden, ...”
Two New Photo-Galleries
“Some exciting new photo-news. Firstly, I have been asked to hang some of my pictures ...”
Testing UK Postcodes using Javascript
“I got very sidetracked today, creating a JavaScript routine to validate UK postcodes. I actually ...”
I'm Geo-tagged
“Last night I (once again) checked out Geo-tagging on Flickr. Last time I looked, Yahoo! ...”
In the Bowels of Earls Court
“As part of my preparation for Richard III next month, I have been immersing myself ...”
Congressional aide admits trying to hire hackers
“This is hilarious, even more so when you realise who this guy was.”
Learning Lines
“We've just started rehearsals for the latest Next Best Thing Productions play - Shakespeare's Richard ...”
Usability Bloopers in the Movies
“This only serves to confirm all my suspicions about Jakob Nielsen.”
Vice Kills plus Art & Karaoke
“I've uploaded two new sets of photos: Vice Kills, from last Saturday night's gig at ...”
Seeing Double
“Interesting article on the Wall Street Journal about the increasing problem of the same stock ...”
Web 2.0
“A new blog I am writing for, Mark and Dan's Web 2.0 for creative strategies.”
Shutter Actuations on a Canon EOS 20D
“Apparently you can find the number of shutter actuations on a Canon EOS 20D by ...”
The Perils of Five-Star Rating Systems
“There are many ways of rating "things". Michelin will give your restaurant zero to (if ...”
New photos: Animal Maths, The Mighty Roars, Reverend & the Makers, Sandman party...
“I revamped my "life" photo-page making perl script, so that it now makes sets of ...”
Photography Portfolio Website
“I recently got around to doing something which has been on my mind for several ...”
Black-out London (and beyond...)
“4th November 2006 You are invited to take part in the largest demonstration of People Power ...”
Extending rechargeable battery life
“This article goes against everything I had previously heard about (Li-ion) rechargable batteries. Now I ...”
Thomas Truax photos
“Another night another gig - photos here. Actually, these are from a week after the ...”
Lots of New Photos
“I've had a minor overhaul of my Life photo pages - not quite the overhaul that ...”
Fighting for Photographers' Rights
“It's been an interesting couple of days. Saturday's Guardian Weekend magazine had a new section ...”
That Newsweek Afghanistan/Liebowitz Thing
“It seems as if it's been hard to move on the web this last week ...”
My first gallery show!
“Two of my photos - this one and this one - have been selected for ...”
The Most Interesting Pictures of Dan Sumption
“Here are my most interesting pictures on Flickr (as judged by Flickr's rather mysterious "interestingness" ...”
This Friday night on TV
“This Friday night/Saturday morning, at 12.35am, make sure you're watching BBC2. It's the last episode ...”
Light of my Life
“A new set of photos, inspired by my kids' way of looking at the world ...”
Virtual Grizedale
“Interesting to hear that at the Liverpool Biennial there is an exhibition called Virtual Grizedale - ...”
Unplanned Segway
“Oops! ”
Auto da Fe photos
“As promised, another set of photos - from the Auto da Fe Freenoise gig.”
Maciej Dakowicz
Maciej Dakowicz has some great late-night photos of Cardiff. Plus great photos of India, Cambodia, ...”
Taxi Driver and Street Photography
“I watched Taxi Driver last night. Last time I saw it was over 15 years ...”
Dan at BLOCspace
“This is what I was up to last night.”
“You may notice some "minor" changes around here. I'm in the middle of switching over ...”
MELT launch photos
“It feels like I haven't been taking as many photos as usual recently, although from ...”
Me and Lisa, Lisa Riley, on the Radio...
“Well, no, actually it's me and Thee Reverend, Thee Reverend Markie (of thee Sheffield Phonographic ...”
Photos of Art in Yorkshire
“I've just started my first Flickr group - Art in Yorkshire. Please sign up and ...”
Comments: Registered Users Only
“I'm being flooded with spam blog comments at the moment, despite the anti-spam plugin which ...”
Telemarketing meets the Exorcist
“Well worth a listen.”
I'm on t'Radio
“Thanks to Markie of Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation I shall be guest presenter on the ...”
Demo/album reviews for Sandman
“Here are some of the music reviews I've been writing recently. Copied & pasted from ...”
Cunts are Still Running the World
“Jarvis Cocker has a new single out, written on the night of Live8, called Cunts ...”
Sam and Max back on the road
“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I am so excited I can ...”
Ruskin Park fun day
“Some more new photos - from Ruskin Park Funday.”
New photos from London
“Two new sets of photos up, both from last Thursday which I spent in London. ...”
Short Circuits and BLOCassembly 3
“Some new words and pictures online. Firstly, BLOCassembly 3, a video-art event at BLOCspace a couple ...”
Tossing Scaffolding
“Something happened to make me quite miserable this morning, and then later, a wonderful reversal ...”
Magnetic Floating Bed
“I already have a bed which looks like it's floating, but I'd almost be willing ...”
David Beckham vs. The World
“The Guardian Diary has recently run a series on poor punctuation and phrasing in public ...”
Interesting on Flickr
“Today I got one of my photos onto Flickr's explore page for the first time ...”
Chernobyl Legacy
“This... there are no words for it. Just watch. Make sure you have sound turned ...”
Peekaboo Too
“I made one further selection (with slightly larger images sizes) of my Peek-a-boo photos, here ...”
Peek A Boo and Colourscape
“It's been a busy weekend for photo-taking, and an even busier couple of days for ...”
That Little Black Egg's Gonna Tell On You
“A while ago, I posted a comment on the "Shake Your Fist" blog about the ...”
Matilda is now Squatted
“From what I have heard, it seems that yesterday the Matilda Centre was closed down ...”
Where on Earth did I Leave the Car?
“I can see our (old) car from here (switch to satellite view, or click here ...”
Where Mathematics Meets Art
“There's something rather beautiful and fascinating about this experiment. If I had a couple of ...”
What a Revelation
“06/06/06 is coming in a few days (for Europeans and Americans). Given George W Bush's ...”
Literature Less Lively
“Great article in the Observer on how books have lost the plot.”
Channel photos
“As a supplement to my article on the Channel art show, here are some more ...”
Channel - French-speaking artists in Sheffield
“I wrote a new article for the FAD blog, on the Channel art show opening ...”
Ich Bin Kein Berliner
“Weird, Google seems to think that I'm German. I can surf to no problem, but ...”
Education for Leisure
“The Clock's Loneliness' poem for the day today, Education for Leisure by Carol Ann Duffy, ...”
Dos and Don'ts of Photography
“Great article (and some fun comments) from Vice Magazine on the Dos and Don'ts of ...”
Petrol Bomb Death Horror
“This is what happened right across the road from us on Saturday night. First I ...”
Tom Hunter - Living in Hell
“More bitchin'... (originally posted on the FAD blog) I went to see Tom Hunter's exhibition of ...”
Lordi Lordi Lordi!
“Last night, I watched the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in about 20 ...”
Life Less and Less Literary
“I received this email today from Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. After suffering ...”
My Space My Arse
“Another Myspace inanity: somebody posted a comment on one of my pictures. I'd like to ...”
Have a Good Myspace, y'all
“I've been having fun fiddling with Myspace these last few weeks, finding friends and musical ...”
Smegma photos
“Some photos from the Smegma Freenoise gig on 26th April.”
An Unexpected Night Out
“Had an unplanned night out last night. Mark came to Sheffield for a meeting, we ...”
Butter like no Other
“Long, long ago, when the Internet was in its infancy and websites were still fun, ...”
Killing Joke and Tribazik
“A new set of photos - from last night's gig (yes, photographed one night, up ...”
In Persuasion Nation
“From time to time I've ranted, here and elsewhere, about the amazing writing of George ...”
Sunburned Hand of the Man photos
“A new set of photographs: Sunburned Hand of the Man gig at Matilda Centre, Sheffield.”
Unsichtbare Chöre
“Many years ago, I had a taped copy of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Unsichtbare Chöre ("Invisible Choirs"). ...”
My Space on Myspace
“As I've been getting in touch with lots of bands recently, through my gig photography ...”
Very, Very Drunk
“Last night I was very, very drunk. And I have the photos to prove it.”
“Five years ago, I wrote a piece called Does Music Have a Future, which I've ...”
Peachy on a Sunday
“Check out the photo credit! ”
April's No Fool
“PS, another year gone and I still didn't get around to playing my April Fool ...”
Photojournalism - paying off
“For my UK readers: I wouldn't normally stoop this low but... how about you buy ...”
Brownian Remittance Desert
“This was the "random text" part of a spam email I got today: betray caustic wolves brownian ...”
Photos of Trees
“Yesterday and today I took Gizmo on a couple of long walks in some woodland ...”
Bossa Nova Lola
“I got my video camera out last night and filmed the family for the first ...”
Jim Dunlop. 88mm
“Last weekend, I dreamt I was playing my bass. I woke up feeling an urge ...”
Owd Yorkshire
“The theme for the current salon at the Street Photography Forum is Diptych. I've got ...”
Yorkshire Sculpture Park
“New photos: Yorkshire Sculpture Park.”
A Brief Introduction to Buddhism
“I never did get around to writing up my stay at the Buddhist Centre, but ...”
Self Portraits
“OK, here we go... my eyes are drooping, and I hate editing images on this ...”
Bond Street Photo Essay
“Two days in to my photojournalism course with the London School of Photography, Antonio Leanza ...”
Lost Communication Device
“Yesterday morning, I went out at 7.30am to buy some milk and take Gizmo for ...”
“Yesterday, as Gill was out of the room for two minutes, Gizmo wolfed down the ...”
Server Move
“Completed (almost) a server move yesterday and the day before - all of our domains ...”
“I would write something here about Michael Haneke's film Hidden (Caché), but I can't because ...”
“Today's featured article on Wikipedia: Sheffield!”
I Hate Macs
“I just discovered that the gorgeous website I built for Ed Griffiths doesn't work at ...”
Sneakily Flows the Don
“I recently offered my services as a photographer and gig reviewer to Sandman magazine - ...”
Model Landscapes
“Photos of big places - made to look like little places. Weird and wonderful.”
Happy Birthday Dear Blog
“Can it really be five years today since I started blogging? Seems like a lifetime ...”
Slave to ActionScript
“Mnngngn... three nights slaving over a hot monitor and several billion lines of ActionScript (99.9% ...”
And the Winning Photo is...
“I just won a photo competition! This is the best birthday present I've had in ...”
“I just got some photos back from Snapfish - horrible, yeuch, bleached-out things. I have ...”
Photoshop Learning Curves
“For the last month or so, I've been devouring Dan Margulis books, firstly Photoshop Lab ...”
Return of the Bandwidth Thieves
“After my little rant about image/bandwidth thieves, I found this myspace page, this one and ...”
Devo 2.0
“Whoah! Devo de-evolved into a kids band - how cool is that? And backed by... ...”
Cardiacs photos
“New (old) photos! Cardiacs playing the Bull & Gate! Enjoy!”
Image Theft
“Today I had a quick trawl through my website usage statistics, as I like to ...”
“Thanks to Scot for pointing out another opportunity to see William Shatner making an ironically ...”
Lifeless on Livejournal
“Naomi very kindly set up a syndicated feed of Life Less Literary on Live Journal. ...”
Too Many Dans!
“How weird is this? After my recent rant about iPhoto and subsequent experiments with iView ...”
Street Photography 2 - What a Difference a Day Makes
“After writing last week about my pathetic attempts at street photography, things moved very fast. ...”
What it Means to be British
“According to Protein, this comes from a discussion started off by one of our newspapers, ...”
New Private View Photos
“I've uploaded my latest set of photos - not to my life page, for a ...”
“Aaargh! I fucking HATE iPhoto! I wouldn't really use it, but it's just there on my ...”
Derek Bailey
“During the usual festive retreat from reality, I managed to miss the news that Derek ...”
Factotum and Bombon
“I went to see the film Factotum last week. I had very high hopes, partly ...”
“Now, my Astro van is pretty neat, but what I would really, really like for ...”
Same Old Search Shit
“I wondered whether all my new photos, complete with elaborate descriptions (did you notice that? ...”
Gamma Gamma Hey!
“These last few weeks, I've been bashing my head against my monitor trying to get ...”
Treasure at the Cupola Gallery
“Tonight we visited the "Treasure" Christmas exhibition at the Cupola Gallery in Hillsborough. Photos here.”
Lots of Pictures from Home
“More photos! Here is some assorted stuff taken at home over the last fortnight.”
I *really* am an Actor
“18 months ago, I wrote an entry entitled "I Am An Actor". That statement was ...”
Walkley at Night
“I woke up very early this morning, so I thought I'd take the dog for ...”
Bochum with the Falkens
“More old pics now online - these from my visit to Bochum just over a ...”
“This is a very amusing way of finding out who you love.”
Shed Boat... Gallery?
“So, the outgoing head of the National Galleries of Scotland has mocked plans to turn ...”
Dancing in the Streets (, fields, jungles, mountain tops, ...)
“This is enough to give me faith in the future of the human race. Seriously.”
Photos from the Wye Valley, Mawddach Estuary and Portmeirion
“Almost 18 months ago, I promised "lots more photos ... coming soon" from our holiday ...”
A Night with Josh
“More photos: A (drunken) night out with Josh.”
Spectator T Art Gallery Crawl
“I've rushed my first lot of photos from the new camera up onto a new ...”
My New Canon Doesn't Fire Blanks
“On Wednesday I finally cracked. I've been lusting after a new camera (preferably a fairly ...”
My Imaginary Band Name
“I mentioned to Arthur last night that, once the current play is over, I'd really ...”
Dreamweaver Japanese PHP Frustrations
“I'm posting this in the hope that it will save somebody from having to go ...”
Deutsche Kino
“I've been practicing my German language recently, and making good progress, as this week our ...”
Fast Records Played Slow
“I've been listening to bits and pieces of online radio these last couple of days ...”
C30, C60, C90 Go!
“<sigh> this page brought back memories and emotions in a way which I'm sure is ...”
Take a Deep Breath
“These last few weeks, I have been finding it harder and harder to breathe. I ...”
Rowan is Ten!
“It was Rowan's 10th birthday last Friday. Unbelievable, double figures already, ten years since Gill ...”
Killer Dolphins on Patrol
“Whoah! Don't go swimming in the Gulf of Mexico!”
Summer is Over
“Summer is all but gone, and it's been far too long since I wrote anything ...”
What to Wear to Buck House
“What should I wear to Buckingham Palace? The invite says "It is usual for civilians ...”
“It sometimes makes me a little sad, when I think of how much the Internet ...”
Thank you for shopping with
“I just got my quarterly report back from Amazon Associates. Normally I sell zero items ...”
Happy Birthday Antiweb
“Hard to believe, but it's eight years since I was invited to join online community ...”
Where does Internationalism Start?
“I coined a pithy little sound-bite, an irrational-sounding truism, over at the Sheffield Forum today: Internationalism ...”
“We watched Sideways last week - what a great film. Could it be coincidence that ...”
Thank you Amazon
“I just stopped by Amazon to see whether they had put up my review of ...”
A Bad Week for Driving
“The week-before-last was a very bad week for driving (although obviously this pales into insignificance ...”
Ban the Bible and the Koran
“Until now, I had thought that the government's bill to outlaw incitement to religious hatred ...”
Tavistock Gardens
“I just realised, after reading a letter in today's Guardian, where Tavistock Square (where the ...”
Censored by the Observer?
“I'm a little perplexed this morning. Unless I am very much mistaken, I seem to ...”
We're Gonna be Fostering
“We jumped the penultimate hurdle in the marathon (erm, that's not a mixed sporting metaphor, ...”
The End of Faith
“I've been holding off writing this entry, but now seems like the right time. I ...”
What Use is Faith?
“Quiz time. Which religion urges its followers to do this to those who follow other ...”
Agriculture is Evil
“Was agriculture the worst mistake in the history of the human race? Fascinating article.”
So Safe Comic
“I finally got my copies of the So Safe comic, posted up by Mark. It ...”
“I got a new mobile phone on Thursday! A Sony Ericsson s700i. Initial impressions are ...”
“I had a great night out last night, and am suffering as a result this ...”
Top Film Quotes
“The American Film Institute have just announced their list of the 100 greatest film quotes ...”
Three Cheers for UP Group
“I recently designed and layed out a comic for So Safe (with the help of ...”
Evening at the Allotment
“I took Gizmo for a late walk last night, set off at about 9.15pm and ...”
Mac Noodling
“I've been playing around with my new Apple Mac PowerBook and OS X - mostly ...”
Home and Away
“Just as Guy has announced he's returning from Cambodia (to get a blast of European ...”
Review of iCon: Steve Jobs
“It's been far too long since I wrote anything for publication. So last week, I ...”
Patti Smith's Songs of Innocence
“Saturday night, I treated Gill to a ticket for Songs of Innocence, part of Patti ...”
G8 ministers and Summer, now appearing in Sheffield
“I went for a stroll this afternoon, to check out some art galleries in town ...”
I'm Honoured, Ma'am
“The UK honours system - good thing or bad? Not a question which has ever ...”
Team America
“I watched Team America on DVD last night - already saw it at the cinema, ...”
Powered by Macintosh
“I finally took the plunge... today I have ordered a 12" Powerbook from the Apple ...”
Life in the Fast Lane
“Things really are starting to hot up at work, it's getting terribly exciting. For the first ...”
Live 8
“Live8 tickets available via mobile phone lottery from today. I heard about this on the ...”
Reality Revisited
“I had a great night out last Thursday - Claire organised a Hard Reality reunion ...”
“Yay! A parcel arrived in the post this morning: a copy of iCon - Steve ...”
Cooking with Fernet Branca
“Another book I mentioned I'd read recently was Cooking with Fernet Branca by James Hamilton-Paterson. ...”
Thorax Cake
“Mmm, tasty”
The Reader
“I'm currently reading The Reader (Der Vorleser) by Bernhard Schlink. Not got very far yet, ...”
Guess the Google
“This is cool! I imagined it would be really hard, but actually I got almost ...”
Letters to Chris
“If you were a kid, what would your Christmas letter to Christopher Walken say?”
Heart of Darkness
“I've finally started reading Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. This is a book which has ...”
Je Suis Ubu!
“Speaking of reading aloud, we did some play readings last Friday night. We managed to ...”
Le Lecteur
“I love reading aloud. It's something I've enjoyed ever since my second year at University, ...”
Be Somebody Else, for a Change
“Last night I met Matthew, a film production student at Sheffield Hallam University who is ...”
Pope John Paul II trainers
“Holy sneakers Popeman.... why?”
Lush New Growth
“Wow! Something's happened over the last couple of days. We've had quite a bit of ...”
Our Weekend
“We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Mansfield on an FCA training course for foster ...”
Exquisite Corpse
“I recently finished reading Exquisite Corpse by Robert Irwin. An absolutely brilliant faux-autobiography of an ...”
Spring on the Allotment
“Yesterday was our first day this year on the allotment. I've been meaning to visit ...”
Petit Fours + One
“Petit Fives - these nibbles go up to eleven.”
Skelter Helter - A Sunday-Morning Dream
“On a visit to a Belgium of the mind, where I am visiting GuyE2, the ...”
New MT Installation
“OK, I now have Movable Type 3.15 installed on here, along with MT-Keystrokes to catch ...”
Tracking the seasons
“For a while now, I've been meaning to keep some note of the seasonal changes ...”
Thank you Supanet
“For some time now, I've been frustrated in my attempt to email friends with Supanet ...”
“Been quiet here, I know. Partly because I spent nearly two weeks without looking at ...”
JCs Private View
“And the night before the awards... we went to the private view of JC's mid-term ...”
Revolution Awards
“Last Friday night we went to the Revolution Awards, in the "Great Room" of London's ...”
Aeroplane Trails over Sheffield
“Rapidly jumping a year in my photo-processing, I've added another set of pictures to the ...”
Demographic Shift
“I am so happy! Gordon has turned his Demographic Shift column into a blog. I've ...”
These Photos are Stale
“I've been going through some of my old photos, and it struck me that hardly ...”
View from the Bolehills
“I've just found the photo I always wanted to take - the view out from ...”
Chocolate Syllogism
“You would have thought "Chocolate Syllogism" would be a Googlewhack, wouldn't you? But no, 1,940 ...”
Letter from Haiti
“We got a letter from Haiti! Wiston is OK! Actually, there wasn't much of a letter, ...”
New Clothes
“These are the best clothes I have ever seen! Just look at them!”
“Just to make Niina jealous, here's some pics I took on 6th July last year.”
“I just bought two Moleskine notebooks (plain, unruled). Whether I'm following in the footsteps of ...”
I'm Skyping
“A while ago, I downloaded Skype - an increasing number of my friends seem to ...”
The Suicide Journalist
“In London last week, I popped to the pub with David, Pippa and Simon. At ...”
Not Everything in Black and White Makes Sense
“I found a great poetry site last night (oops, I'm a poet and I didn't ...”
All of Music
“Jeezus, I just thought I'd take a quick peek into the lives of Satie and ...”
“I'm floating disembodied around the final room of la Maison Satie. Whitewashed wood panels. Skylights, ...”
Religion Schmidgeon
“Following my recent post about religious intolerance (i.e. intolerance by the religious), and Zaid's comment ...”
Typogenerator ought to be a great idea. Unfortunately, the only things I've managed to generate ...”
Moro Good Food
“It's almost a year since I got hold of the Moro Cookbook. It's been well ...”
Resist Sonyization
“I bought a new mini-disc player recently. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, WTF? In ...”
RSS Aggregators
“Before I moved to this PC, I had some RSS feed aggregator software running. I ...”
Keeping Schtum
“I braved our local library's reading group last night. They were discussing Magnus Mills's All ...”
Our House
“Heh, it's a really weird feeling, stumbling upon a picture of our house and car ...”
We are the Kettering Men
“Every once in the while, pieces of music from my past spring back to me, ...”
Happy Days are Here Again
“Wahay! The good old days are back. We (Allsum) have been shortlisted for the Revolution ...”
Reading. You know, Books.
“Something happened to me recently. I started reading again. Not that I've ever stopped, of course. ...”
It's that Time Again
“They say it's my birthday (na na na na na na), Well happy birthday to ...”
Missed Opportunity
“Damn! So many times recently when I've taken the dog out for a walk I've ...”
Arrested for Using a Non-Standard Browser?
Dunno whether or not this is true (I have my doubts) but if so, it ...”
Childhood Reading Questionnaire
“If you read Science Fiction as a child or teenager, please consider answering Farah Mendelsohn's ...”
I'm Wishing For...
“It's been four years since I built my Amazon Wishlist. And for almost as long ...”
When Photographers get Bored
“Exactly how much fun can one have with Photoshop?”
“What happened to the sodding comments form on this site? It used to fit in ...”
Expired Madness
“Amazing what I've dug out during my recent hard disk clearup. Here is the beginning ...”
“Hmm, Waterstones, a bookshop, have sacked an employee of eleven years' standing for the crime ...”
Springing Back to the Dark Ages
“I've been amazed & appaled by the recent "Christian" protests against the BBC's airing of ...”
More Acting
“I finally got around to plugging my video camera into the new PC, and downloaded ...”
Working Ferrets
“I love Amazon's recommendations. I was just browsing Slavenka Drakulic's book and they suggested that ...”
Slavenka Drakulic
“I just listened to A Good Read on Radio 4. They mentioned (and praised highly) ...”
Freedom of Expression
“A brilliant defence of free speech by Muriel Gray from the Sunday Herald.”
“Gill left the radio on last night. At 6.15am, I half-woke up to a stream ...”
What a Year
“I got a new comment on my post "America the Stupid (Vulgar, Ugly...)" the other ...”
Wind Speed
“The BBC said the wind was gusting to 70mph yesterday. It felt much faster. We ...”
“I finally decided to do something with, my daddy server site which I bought ...”
Almost there...
“(Warning: this could well turn into one of those boring tech entries that you'd be ...”
It's a Bloody Mess
“OK, I promised some kind of a review of Bloody Mess by Forced Entertainment. Well, ...”
Pompous Twat
“Somebody (with a fake email address) just mailed me solely to warn me that my ...”
The View from the Cobden
“I went down the Cobden View tonight to meet Will. We joined in the quiz, ...”
Get Flap, Jack, Do It Again
“Mmm, I made the flapjack recipe from the Juniper website. Have you ever made flapjack ...”
This Past Month...
“In other news, yes, I have been quiet. What have I been up to? Mainly ...”
Malted Ice
“Last night I had my first really worthwhile worthwhile inspiration since getting the ice-cream maker ...”
Ramones: End of the Century
“Last night I went to the Sheffield International Documentary Festival at the Showroom, to see ...”
“I've gone over my bandwidth limit for this domain (5 Gb per month) - I ...”
Acting Marriage
“Well, it's finally arrived. I'm on stage, acting every night, and loving it. Wednesday was our ...”
Blog searches
“OK, I checked the MT logs and it seems we are succesfully keeping the spammers ...”
“URK, huge overnight increase in comment spam to my blog. This has finally prompted me ...”
Get Oggz
“Mal has started selling Oggz off his website - amazing cool colour-morphing egg lamps, think ...”
Did ye Ken John Peel
“Urk. It's all fucking obituaries around here right now. John Peel, dead? Can't be. I ...”
Where is Richard Nixon when we Need Him?
“Nobody does diagnosis like The Doctor. American politics, as observed by Hunter S Thompson. Like ...”
Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
“So, farewell then Lynda Lee-Potter. You evil hate-filled old hag. Good fucking riddance. It is ...”
More George Saunders
“Been hunting the web for more stuff on George Saunders. He's recently written a piece, ...”
Sea Oak
“I just discovered that Sea Oak by George Saunders is available online! Go read it ...”
Spiralling out of Control
“Here's something else which will make my page layouts shine. Haha! I just imported this into ...”
Grids Everywhere
“Had a very strange, rather productive trip to London yesterday. Went out with Mark to ...”
Internet Explorer Fuckup Tool
“As if anyone out there wanted to hear more computer woe from me - earlier ...”
War on Terse
“This makes you wonder how they managed to squeeze any other words into the Republican ...”
Proof of Printing
“Yay! Got my posters and flyers back from the printers... Boo! They weren't perfect. As I ...”
Lurchers Rule!
“The Great Escape! (Check out the video). Waddya mean "lurchers aren't normally known for their ...”
Fixin' a Disk
“Dammit! I got a phone call from RCS Printers who are supposed to be making ...”
Team America
“I can't wait for the movie if this preview is anything to go by.”
Gone :'-(
“How fucking prescient am I? D:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. AAARRRGHHH!!!!!! Ah ...”
“Over the past nine months or so, I've suffered three hard disk failures (another one ...”
Can the TV
“On Thursday, I finally did something very brave. I chucked out the TV (actually, don't ...”
Gay Krautrock Chas'n'Dave Musicals
“Every once in a while, I get caught up in an online discussion which makes ...”
Cat with Hands
“Brilliant little spooky movie here: The Cat with Hands.”
It's the End of the World as we Know It
“So, looks like November this year is gonna be the start of the American Civil ...”
Gogol imagewhacked
“I've just been searching for pictures of Gogol, and was blown away when I hit ...”
Guestbook Part II
“Also on the subject of the Guestbook, I finally got around to hiding the email ...”
Non-Spam in the Guestbook
“Amazing to get two new very rare entries in the Guestbook today, neither of which ...”
A Good & Tiring Weekend
“It's been a strangely satisfying weekend. Strangely because I really expected bad things from it ...”
September 12th
“Check out Newsgaming's excellent simulation September 12th - if only more games thought like this.”
“I love Object-Oriented Programming. At least, I love the idea of OOP, but in practice it ...”
Off-Book Rehearsal
“Tonight was our first rehearsal off-book, flying without a safety net. We played through the ...”
“This entry is here for no other reason than that there are no other webpages ...”
Visions of Hell
“Yesterday was a long day; it started at 4.30am as I prepared to leave for ...”
There Goes Johnny
“Another day, another dead Ramone. This is turning into a Blitzkreig Bop.”
TSTCADIU, the rainbow that
“This is one of the most poetic pieces of spam I've received (or, rather, read) ...”
Come and see me Acting Up
“For anyone within a 5,000-mile radius of Sheffield (I think that counts you out Guy) ...”
Focus Group
“I took part in my first ever focus group tonight. I'm a Friend of Sheffield ...”
“Gizmo is rather scary to behold when he gets into full on running mode. He ...”
Stage Beauty
“Last night's rehearsal ended fairly early, and Gill had given me instructions not to arrive ...”
“From this week's Popbitch. The disclaimer on this is, ahem, to die for: ...”
Disk failed
“Aaargh! Why is life like this? I just got around to installing a new hard disk. ...”
Cloudy Vision
“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. A few months back, I read Cloud ...”
Plesk 7
“Some fun with my server tonight. I just upgraded it to Plesk 7, which went ...”
Next Best Thing Website
“Ah, it's always nice to get back to putting together a website, making somebody's ideas ...”
So What *Do* Androids Dream Of?
“I found an audiobook of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep the other week, listened ...”
“I just installed some new logfile analysis software (Urchin). Interesting to check out its findings, ...”
“As I was boarding the train from London back to Sheffield today, I thought I ...”
“This week, I have been mostly eating home-made yoghurt, courtesy of the recipe in the ...”
I'm Doomed
“This brings back far, far too many memories. If I had all that time back ...”
Car Trouble #7,968,312
“This weekend I drove down to Weymouth to camp with some friends at the annual ...”
“Damn! Got a speeding ticket - I was caught doing 40mph in a 30 zone ...”
Nazi Coca-Cola et al
“I went to see Mark Thomas & Tracey Sanders Wood's "Coca-Cola's Nazi Adverts" show at ...”
Family Camp
“Some photos of our recent camping holiday, not by me this time (by my dad. ...”
I Am a Human Fly
“Mmmm... I am in insect heaven. I just managed to get a version of Human Fly ...”
We Are All Prostitutes
“Another great work of art from Banksy. Lets hope it stays.”
OCR too!
“That CanoScan's pretty damn nifty at OCR as well. I just blasted through Gogol's Marriage, ...”
A Downwards Spiral
“Thursday night, dee dee dee de de na na na, what a bloody mess. I guess ...”
Comment of the Month
“Comment of the month goes to Dickboy - keep 'em coming!”
“Colliding memes #32,784: I heard a piece of music on the radio yesterday, somebody-or-other's Ricercar. ...”
Medieval Mickey
“Will Walt Disney lose their copyright on Mickey Mouse because of this? It would be ...”
Fahrenheit 9/11
“I took myself off to see Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight - and remembered that it was ...”
Wooden Heart
“I'm sure I've already mentioned here various bits of writing I'm working on. Well, I ...”
Poetry Party
Poetry Party over at - antiweb pals from the days before the web as ...”
Trumpet and Turntables
“Mark says that M**** and S*** have been given a pub to run. Wonderful news, ...”
Recent Films
“Since returning from Belgium, I've been immersing myself in film again. Got a rather dodgy ...”
New Phone
“I lost my phone on the way back from Belgium (actually in Manchester, I think), ...”
Flower Sunshine Star
“Lola's full name is Lola Rae Sumption. But sometimes I call her Little Ray of ...”
Photos from Amsterdam, Assen and Antwerp
“I bunged up some of the photos from my recent trip to Amsterdam, Assen and ...”
Kill the Foreigners, Wherever They're From
“I see that Swiss referee Urs Meier has had to go in hiding because of ...”
I Am An Actor
“Om mani padme hum, what a day! I guess going to meditation (my first in a ...”
Postman's Park
“When I was in London a month ago, wandering from Waterloo to Liverpool Street via ...”
Absent-minded Dan
“Gill and I went to a party on Saturday night. We were out for seven ...”
“Has anyone else noticed that on Big Brother (not that I watch it - Gill ...”
When Was That Again?
“Rowan said "today at school Claire said 'I saw The Day After Tomorrow yesterday.'"”
Writing While Walking
“Waaah! I just wrote a mini-novel here, then got distracted, clicked on a link somewhere ...”
England 3 Switzerland 0
“Gill and the girls have gone down to Cath's I'm not sitting here all alone I'm going ...”
Over-Rich Breakfast Bleurgh
“Euurgh. I am so going to die of some obesity-related decadent disease. I just had a ...”
“Today I went out and bought Antwerp by Nicholas Royle, on Mike's recommendation. I shall ...”
The Book Club
“I went to a reading group last night - always wondered what one would be ...”
Dope Freedom Day
“It's a great idea this Tax Freedom Day. I'm thinking of instituting a Clear Headed ...”
I Don't Gamble in my Dreams
“I was in an awkward situation at the Foundry. Posthumous-lookalike and his friends had struck ...”
The Agronomist
“I just went to see The Agronomist - an absolutely brilliant documentary. It's strange how ...”
Dreaming is Free
“Whabburba... wasaat? Gordon selling all his possessions, a high-class house-sale with his friends from a ...”
Monaco Grand Prix
“Wow, exciting Formula One yesterday, shame I only caught ITV's late highlights (busy working in ...”
Speedy Police
“Now that's what I call a police car!”
Anarchy in the UK
“It's here”
“This one is especially for Guy”
Who Killed Nick Berg
“The arguments on this page smack of conspiracy theory, but in light of the similar ...”
Freeway Blogger
“Great use of public space here.”
Katherine Mansfield, American Splendour and Hats
“I finally got around to reading some Katherine Mansfield, after reading glowing praise from M ...”
We are all Sluts of Trust
“I went into a record (or rather, CD) shop yesterday, intending to buy the new ...”
Ban Builders Bums
“Louisiana is "correct an evil that may get out of hand" - i.e. passing a ...”
St John Bread and Wine & Thyme Restaurant
“Have had a couple of good eating experiences these last couple of days. Yesterday I ...”
Magpies Again
“Just spotted another magpie on the roof opposite... it was holding what looked like entrails ...”
So Safe
“Well, we finally launched the So Safe website - it officially goes live at a ...”
Excel for Business and Pleasure
“Do you use Excel (or its Microsoft-free equivalents) for pleasure as well as business? Sadly, ...”
Organic Allotment Gardening
“I just joined the Henry Doubleday Research Association (thanks for the tip Alex) and bought ...”
“Thanks to Guy for making me dizzy this morning.”
Photoshopping Street Signs
“Jesus, my little attempt at street sign defacement may not have been all that great ...”
“Yesterday afternoon, I came down with some sort of semi-feverish, achey type of thing. Am ...”
300 Images from 1800 Sites
“Interesting comparison of icon use on major websites here.”
Westall Brothers
“I added some more pictures and pages to the website on the artists Richard and ...”
What's Your Title?
“How cool is this? On British Airways' website, you can register using any of the ...”
Pak Choi
“Our Beanies delivery today included some Pak Choi/Bok Choy - I love it steamed with ...”
Kill Them
“Hmm, <irony>good to see that common-sense and moderation still prevail in the "land of the ...”
Creativity Test
“I'm always wary of simplistic personality tests, and this creativity test is no different, but ...”
Accounting for Myself
“Strange but ultimately rewarding dream: I was walking through an unfamiliar City of London; for ...”
Dreaming of Parklands
“Last night was a great evening - Gill made a simple but yummy tea of ...”
Parties and Allotments
“Had a wonderful weekend. Friday night was Suzanna's 30th birthday party. Gill was already down ...”
Today's Suitable Presents
“Why not buy your loved one some erotic automata? Or some possum fur nipple warmers ...”
“We've been thinking about getting another dog for a long time, putting it off and ...”
Quentin Tarantino
“Read a most beautiful crazy fun inspiring blog entry about one woman's chance encounter with ...”
Jobs with no Training +The Fog of War
“I read the following earlier in Cloud Atlas, in the second half of the Sonmi~451 ...”
Distributed Proofreaders
“Feel like reading a page or two of an old book each day, and helping ...”
Cloud Atlas
“I recently started reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Fucking excellent. With every book - ...”
A Pretty Normal Saturday
“A Pretty Normal Saturday really. Woke up early, but managed to drift in and out of ...”
Spem in alium
“I've been to see the Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller show at the Millennium ...”
Chernobyl Road Trip
“This is an incredible photo-journal of one woman's regular bike trips to the deadlands around ...”
Don't Smoke. OK?
“This kind of explains most of history, as well as why smoking is baaad.”
“The Potion Makergulchium is a cloudy, porous grey solid drained from the bones of a ...”
That Sucks!
“Fun coincidences #5763: For some reason, I started thinking about vacuum cleaners the other day. I ...”
Tips for Designers
“Some tips for designers that are actually useful.”
Metafilter Sucks
“Well, I'm glad I never got invited to join Metafilter. Somebody just posted what has ...”
Sad Pictures
Bluebell Morning
“I feel like a Bluebell Morning. Just been for a meditate and, despite the fact ...”
Recovered Data
“Careful with that hard disk Eugene! This sounds a fun hobby. I used to greatly ...”
Manga Ferry
“This is what boats should look like!”
“Another of those occasional gems from Merriam Webster's word of the day - sesquipedalian is ...”
Margot Knight Photography
“Margot Quan Knight photography - interesting surreal pictures.”
Jabber... err, Rubber Duck
“Jabberwocky, in the original and also as corrected by Microsoft Word's spellchecker.”
40 Things Every Drunkard Should Try
“I'm gonna see if I can get all of these down next week. You coming, ...”
God Moves in Mysterious Ways
“Not only does God hate shrimp and cotton-polyester mixes, he also exhorts girls to have ...”
Mother's Day
“Today we invited Gill's family around for a mother's day meal - cooked lots of ...”
Birds, Birds, Birds
“The blackbirds are singing as though it were really spring. Or do they always do ...”
FAD goes to Islington
“And more photos... this time from the FAD team's trip to a private view.”
Walking in the Snow
“Added some more photos, from our leap-day walk near Wigtwizzle.”
Flame On!
“Today I have been mostly trying to educate rednecks on some American-Spanish right-winger's blog (the ...”
Purple Dragonfly
“Some very vivid dreams this morning. Of course, I've forgotten a lot of it over ...”
Blog Survey
“54% of bloggers don't know their audience well. I do. Hi Guy, Phil, Jan, Niina, ...”
Well Fuck Me!
“Who woulda thought it? Channel 4 are going to show that ad on TV!”
Another Lolaism
“Walking home from school with Lola the other day, she was talking about the "kaftering ...”
Channel F***
“Just seen the outtakes from Channel 4's current ad campaign. I've a feeling they're not ...”
Barbie is Cool
“I think Lola's been spending too much time with Rowan. She just came back from shopping ...”
Springtime again!
“Today is the day! It's here again! Spring is in the air. I can tell, y'see, ...”
Herbal Tea
“This was originally a comment on Niina's site in response to her comments on peppermint ...”
Kitchen Tiles
“Hey! Lookie what Gill just won me on EBay! Some nice 60s kitchen tiles. To ...”
Books that have Influenced You
“There's a great thread here on about "What Books have Influenced Your Life?" - ...”
Atocha Station
“Shit, I only just realised that Atocha station is where we set off for Cordoba ...”
I'm Confuzzed
“I dunno what's going on here - a while back I added a JavaScript to ...”
“I'm currently reading Scarlet and Black (Le Rouge et le Noir) by Stendhal. Came across ...”
Ear Training
“I'm gonna train my ears!”
Our New Everything
“More pictures of our new living space, for anyone interested. We're getting there.”
This is Combat, I Know
“Has anyone else noticed that the painting which was so blatantly hidden when Colin Powell ...”
Hand Writing II
“Lola just came into the room and showed me the biro scribbles on the back ...”
Living in the Sun
“Today's Lola-ism: Lola and I were putting some pine cones into the chiminea, for burning ...”
Hand Writing
“We were just sitting upstairs talking, Gill, Emma and I, while Lola sat drawing bubbles. ...”
Misjudgements of the Century
“Here's a quote to add to IBM chairman Thomas John Watson's famous "I think there ...”
Entrances to Hell
Entrances to Hell is the best website that's been drawn to my attention in the ...”
Email Disaster
“Bum. My email isn't working. I was wondering why I hadn't had any spam for a ...”
Moro Cookbook
“I recently got my hands on the excellent Moro Cookbook. Bursting with must-try enthusiasm. This weekend, ...”
Making Babies
“What are little children made of? Sugar and Salt and all things at Fault.”
“For those who have expressed an interest, my operation went very well, thank you. Surprisingly ...”
Flashy Cars
“I've been learning Flash... again. Starting from basics... again... using the pretty decent Sams book ...”
What is the Location of this Scream
“OK, last scream post, I promise. The Anal Show have saved my scream for posteriority, you ...”
Screaming Squirters
“Double LOL - the instant I posted that last piece, some spam dropped into my ...”
“LOL, I just screamed live on New York radio. Called Kenny G's Anal Magic show on ...”
Lawless Years
“Today's pointless throwaway wouldn't-I-like-to-do-that you-bet-your-bottom-butt thought: I wanna play a version of "I Fought the ...”
Malachi Favors
“RIP Malachi Favors Maghostut”
Axis of Evil Cookbook
“I'm gonna eat that damn Axis of Evil!”
Gregory Whitehead
“Wow! Just heard some Gregory Whitehead on Resonance FM. Amazing stuff, the only sounds I've ...”
“Well, don't try and tell me that the NHS have no sense of comic timing. ...”
My Living Room Resonates
“The house is alive, with the sound of music! Massive thanks to Scot for selling ...”
Hair of the Dog
“Feels like it's time to post something here, only... I'm not sure what. Mark came ...”
The Usual Type of Incredible Coincidence
“I just thought I experienced the most amazing coincidence ever. I'm painting away, iTunes blaring ...”
“On discovering that Haiku is a place in Hawaii Haiku is a place I'm told it's in ...”
“Just been out and about in the snow, posting letters, collecting Rowan and Lola. It's ...”
Henry Threadgill
“Latest in a long line of jazz greats recently rediscovered... I just listened to Henry ...”
DJ Names
“I just spotted a poster for some club night - featuring the DJs Acid Ted ...”
Angels Instead
“Also last night: Rowan, Beth and Lola were playing at angels.”
Head to Head
“Rowan started writing a poem last night: Head to Head When the sea is blue and nights ...”
Fire! Fire!
“Spoke to Gill this morning. The residents where she works were pissing about in the ...”
H-Wing Car
“OK, now I have the bed, perhaps I need this car to go with it.”
Some Films Wot I Saw
“As part of my drive to "do more stuff", Gill and I have signed up ...”
Pinhole Photography
“Some great pinhole-camera (and other) photography here, also this great quote (thanks Phil): The photographer Ralph ...”
Real Photography
“Yay! Guy has updated his website to include a big selection from his photo portfolio. ...”
Department of Homeland What?
“Yet another depressing example of American incompentance in the "war on terror". Now I'm just ...”
“Dear G4y N1gg3r, You are obviously an immensely intelligent person. You have demonstrated this in the ...”
“Wow, I wish somebody would foil-wrap my house when I was out. It might brighten ...”
The Downside of being MeFied
“Ah well, the good feeling couldn't last. My previous post, about being picked up by ...”
Metafilter ate my Website
“Heh, I finally got Mefied! I thought there must be a reason why I was ...”
Car (Bed) Trouble Part II
“Doh! Foolish me. Of course, the bed's not a racing car. It's Luke Skywalker's landspeeder. ...”
Car Bed
“Oh dear, isn't shopping a dangerous thing. Gill just went down the junk/antique-shop road in town, ...”
Handsel Monday
“Hey, today is Handsel Monday! Let's celebrate. On this day of the year, it's traditional to ...”
Kumquat Mae
“Lola and I had lunch at Kumquat Mae (which I only just realised is a ...”
Laptop Archaeologists
“Here's a job for you: Laptop Archaeologist. Tracking the ebb and flow of entire civilizations ...”
The Blog's Done Well
“It feels almost a shame when some of the esoteric but highly rewarding things that ...”
When We Return
“Oh joy! Oh deep joy! Oh deepest of unadulterated joys! I just unearthed an MP3 of ...”
New Year
“Happy New Year everybody! We had a great time. Visited Gill's mum & Dad, very ...”
Apples and Soup
“Since diagnosing my Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and tracking down the causes, I've had to seriously ...”
Running Boy
“I went for a run this morning. Yes, really! It's something I've done once or ...”
Pre-Christmas Visit to London
“After spending an hour trying to book a table for three at any half-decent ...”
Bruce Lash
“Today on my internal jukebox, I have been mostly listening to: Golden Years by Bruce ...”
Jewish Wisdom
“Some lines from The Wisdom of the Jewish Mystics, courtesy of Jonathan Cott of Rolling ...”
“Heh heh, looks like I'm in a band. Been half-heartedly intending to find some musical ...”
Dreams of Wealth and Bungalows
“I dreamed that... We'd spent vast quantities of money. To everyone else, it seemed profligate. They ...”
A Rebours
“Many thanks to Caroline for recommending that I read A Rebours (translated ...”
“I'm writing a book. It's called "The Squatters". That's not a working title. That's what ...”
“Something about screaming "look at this" louder than anyone else, and giant fingernails strafing the ...”
No Sir, No Sir, No Sir, No Sir
“Beautiful memories! I just had the most gorgeous moment. I'm listening properly for the first time ...”
I Forgot to Mention...
“...I now have a large vat of very tasty smelling duck stock. Lots of soups ...”
I Love Meat
“Ha! That got your attention, didn't it. Well, I guess it's not 100% true yet, ...”
Failed Dieter
“OK, so that Atkins malarkey lasted even shorter than I'd expected. I mainly bowed to ...”
I Hate Meat
“This isn't going to work. I can't stand meat. OK, let me clarify. I quite like ...”
'Tis the Season
“Some cool daily tips on advent etiquette from Meg and Anna at”
Retro-Futuristic Consumer Lust
“Woy! I want a digital sundial!”
Watch the Bottom Line, Stupid!
“Incredible, what these economists get up to.”
Atkins and Mango Lime Tart Stuff
“So, I said I was going to write about the Atkins diet, so I will. ...”
Cathy Ray
“Further to my update of the Caustic band webpages, I've now made all four audio ...”
Prince Charles Yawn
“Oh my, just checking last month's weblogs. Seems that even this site has been caught ...”
Inland Revenue Letter
“If I worked at the Inland Revenue, I would spend my time writing letters like ...”
More Square Cars
“Seems that I'm not the only one who likes things with corners. Three cheers for ...”
I am going to slam a 10cm ice pick into your left ear.
“Well, personally I think Charles Booher had the right idea (scroll down to point 9, ...”
“Strange, in all the years I've been online I don't think I've ever noticed particularly ...”
Saffron Potatoes and Brocolli in Roquefort Cream
“It's been a long time since I got carried away with cooking, as regular readers ...”
“I'm off to turn myself into a Ninja. PS. Wonderful weekend in Manchester. More soon...”
How to be Antisocial
“Some hints here on how to get a little more downtime into your life. I ...”
Bush in Britain
“Great Metafilter thread on George W Bush's visit to the UK here. Top quote so ...”
But Is It Art?
“This cracks me up... Police on Friday removed the corpse of a man believed to ...”
Matt Stuart Shoots People
“Matt Stuart has the most incredible eye for a good photo. And, jesus, he must ...”
Photoshop tips
“Some Photoshop actions and tips here and here which I probably ought to take a ...”
Dan's battle cry...
“Zang! Who is that, stalking along the tundra! It is Gulch, hands clutching a studded ...”
Zoltar the Magnificent
“I recently re-visited Zoltar the Magnificent's website. Zoltar is a shop on Marshall Street, just ...”
WorldChanging is an awesome weblog full of news on science, green issues, global culture and ...”
Project Britney Search
“Oh My! Britney Spears enjoys sucking the thick creamy head off a glass of Guinness. ...”
Sing Something Beautiful
“Oh wow! This is just so much fun - Let Them Sing It For You ...”
Flash Gadgets
“Wow, what an amazing selection of Flash wonder-toys!”
American Food
“Nothing better to do so... might as well hop into a forum on flamebait mode. ...”
“Recently, something strange has happened to me. I've started liking chocolate. I've always liked chocolate - ...”
Memory Lane
“My oh my... I remember when the first archive of all the Internet was announced ...”
Sluts of Trust
“Update to the Amsterdam entry - Sluts of Trust are here (not much yet though) ...”
“And there was I wondering whether it was a normal thing, in Amsterdam, to have ...”
Ransom Note
“Somebody ransomed my website.”
Mom Finds Blog
“Heh heh, every blogger's nightmare ;-)”
“I ought to write about my experiences in Amsterdam... if only I could remember any ...”
This Morning's Duties... Part Two
“Well, sod that. The bloody useless postman hadn't returned the parcel to the depot yet, ...”
“Whoah! My meditation space just came into its own. After a day and night of ...”
“I have no words... no time... no energy to explain the situation. So let my ...”
Number Plates
“Saw an interesting personalised number plate today, on one of those huge boxy early 80s ...”
The Wisdom of Wayne Coyne
“I love the Observer colour supplement's "This Much I Know" micro-interviews. 99% of the ones ...”
My Day in Court
“Well, I had my day in court, and to be honest the outcome was more ...”
Friends' Bands
“I'm off to Amsterdam this weekend, to see ex-Caustic/Cathy Ray drummer John play in his ...”
Life, the Universe and... MORE!
“This is the best news I have heard in... probably my entire life.”
New Office
“I just moved my desk and computer and gubbins downstairs, to my new office. A ...”
More Audiobooks
“I'm really getting to enjoy this audiobook-making malarkey. I recorded another couple of chapters of ...”
Audiobooks for Rowan
“Most nights, I read to Rowan at bedtime (recently finished the fifth Harry Potter book, ...”
“Just in case anyone's interested... I uploaded MP3 versions of most (but not all) of ...”
Guest Appearance
“I really ought to link to this thread on Naomi's livejournal, because it seems to ...”
Stock Photos by Colour
“A few times over the last couple of years I've had the misfortune to have ...”
Pavement Chromatography
“Noticed something very strange on the way to take Rowan to school a week or ...”
Skin Care Products
“Does cum make for good skin? The folks at Vice put this burning issue to ...”
“I've viewed the news of Concorde's retirement with almost total disinterest. My meories of it ...”
“Want to get something done? Apparently, youCan.”
Gymnopédie No. 1
“Mmmm... what a pleasant way to start the morning, with Gymnopédie No. 1. This piece ...”
Porno Karaoke
“And in a follow up to my recent post about making porn music, how about ...”
You Insult Me!
“Awesome! The Arabic Insult Generator. May a dozen deviant unix system administrators commit adultry ...”
Mr Feynman
“I just can't help reading about Richard Feynman without being inspired.”
Tearing my Hair Out
“Word of the day: trichotillomania - an abnormal desire to pull out one's hair.”
Porn Beats
“Make your own porn-music”
Employ Terrorists
“Employees "more of a disaster threat than terrorists". I would have thought the answer to ...”
Retro Gaming
“Laughing till I wet myself: kids from the Playstation generation review arcade greats from years ...”
“This is a really rather beautiful piece of animation. More at”
Amputee Phone Sex Suicide Line
“Warren Ellis is posting a new story on the web every day this week - ...”
“Well, here goes... I'm in the middle of downloading iTunes. Let's see if it's as ...”
“Just doing a periodic prune of my Amazon wish-list (despite the fact that nobody has ...”
Books, books, books
“More shifting space, moving rooms - Gill and her dad have been busy shoring up ...”
“A tidings of magpies seems to have taken up residence in the area - several ...”
Maggot Art
“I've seen some nice art made by elephants and cats before, but... maggots?”
Who Will Buy...
“One, two, three more for the DVD wish list. Palm Pictures music video DVD ...”
British Wintertime becomes British Summertime
“Walking through town today in glorious sunshine, it could almost be one of the last ...”
Reading Books
“Trying to read books these days is so hard - it's almost as if my ...”
“ Did you know? The history of "scapegoat" is based on a linguistic misunderstanding. On Yom Kippur, ...”
Thank You Notes
“This is not only a perfect lesson on how to write the perfect thank you ...”
TV-watching Americans Die! Die! Die
“No surprise here, Fox viewers are stupid and wrong.”
Winter Squash Quick Lunch
“I bought one of those big round pumpkin-type winter squashes the other day. It's proved ...”
Dan and Lola in Bushy Park
“New photos: Dan and Lola in Bushy Park.”
New Directions in Space Travel
“I've been having a lot of fun hanging out on M John Harrison's forum these ...”
My Welsh Heroes
“Stu Hughes is urging people to rig the vote of the 100 Welsh Heroes poll. ...”
International Man of the People
“Guess what I did today?”
Little Green Birdies
“I was going to post a new blog this morning. But... (PS. Over one million stars ...”
How to Write Bad Documentation that Looks Good
“This made me laugh - a detailed primer on how to fluff out your documentation, ...”
Bong-making Classes
“A while ago, Hannah mentioned five year-olds talk of skinning up during games of mummies ...”
Sumption (n)
“It's been a long time since I did any vanity browsing, but a search for ...”
Santa Cthulhu
“Why not scare your children out of their tiny minds this Christmas with a Cthulhu ...”
Shoot the Black Rebel Motorbike Club
“Julian Cope's Address Drudion for September: "Man, some rock-n-roll has got so lame nowadays. I read ...”
We Want Your Soul
“Great song, great vid: Freeland "We Want Your Soul"”
Disk Space Exceeded
“I'm sorry if anybody has tried and failed to post any comments the last couple ...”
Worst Jobs in Science
“Popular Science has a column on The Worst Jobs in Science. I reckon my sister ...”
Cultivate an Aura of Mystery
“Next Wednesday, 1st October, is Cultivate an Aura of Mystery Day. That's all I'm saying ...”
Srcmabled Txet
“Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in what oredr the ltteers ...”
Photos: The Spider Park
“I took the kids to the Spider Park (but if you've read the entry below ...”
Nearly Lost Another Car Stereo
“How peculiar - last night I had a nighmare, in it my car was broken ...”
Get Away, Invisible Monkey!
“My favourite error message in a long time, from this site: ...”
Unconscious Mouse
“What a nob-ended skrewt I am. For days now, my Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse has ...”
Frank Black Doesn't Write Like Frank Black
“Won't the real Frank Black please stand up?”
Food Glorious Food
“Oh my. Metafilter has a list of foodblogs. More than all I can eat, or ...”
An Analytical Language
“Here's an interesting article on the analytical language created by John Wilkins in the Seventeenth ...”
Technical Debt
“An interesting metaphor that seems to be increasing in useage: Technical Debt - doing technical ...”
What do Radiohead Songs Make You Think Of?
“A class of American 10-year olds were played a whole bunch of Radiohead songs and ...”
Shire to Mordor
“Anybody want driving, erm... walking directions from the Shire to Mordor?”
blackSpot Sneakers
“Next time you get a pair of trainers, make them blackSpots - support blackSpot, subvert ...”
Mummy, Where do Swear Words Come From?
“I love etymology, as you may have noticed from some of my recent Merriam Webster ...”
Operation Enduring Lack of Freedom
“BBC News 24 is running a story about a retired American woman who is being ...”
More Sitcoms...
“OK, so all I had to do was choose some friends... My LiveJournal Sitcomend table and ...”
Viggo Mortensen to play Dan in biopic
“Sometimes I wish I actually used Livejournal, rather than just having an account there. Of ...”
Brent East by-Election
“I was up late-ish (later than Gill, anyway) coding tonight - and as I was ...”
Buildings of Disaster
“Bad taste? Possibly, but these souvenir replicas of buildings such as the World Trade Centre, ...”
Cool Proverb
“"Even if a man chops off your hand with a sword, you still have two ...”
Messy Nightmare
“I just awoke from a horrible nightmare. It started as a pleasant, if occasionally slightly ...”
My Type is Moveable!
“You may notice something a little different about this page. Yes, I've moved to Moveable ...”
Today's synchronicities (a limited selection of)
“Curiouser and curiouser - today is turning into a bizarre day for synchonicity. First, I ...”
Another Sleepless Night
“Can't sleep can't sleep can't sleep la la la. I've just got over two weeks ...”
Website Map Using XML/XSLT/SCG
“This site map from XML business is harder than I thought. But it's damn fun, ...”
Halva is Delicious
“Mmmm... just polished off a kilo pot of Halva. OK, not all in one go, ...”
First Ever Computer Bug... a Moth
“Last week was the anniversary of the first ever computer bug. At 3.45pm on September ...”
Synecdoche: A Most Useful Word
“Another interesting Merriam Webster Word of the Day: synecdoche. However, before I utter it, I'm ...”
Getting Ready for Moveable Type
“I finally did something I've been meaning to do for ages - unzipped that Moveable ...”
Mirror Project -> Reflectoporn
“An interesting twist on The Mirror Project from today's weekly round-up ...there is a new ...”
Culinary Art and Traditions of Switzerland
“I found the most amazing book in our local Oxfam shop the other week, Culinary ...”
“Fascinating. I was listening to The Salmon of Doubt recently and, several times in different ...”
Amazon Talking Down to Me
“Interesting. Amazon, which must've been one of the first websites I ever registered for, has ...”
Blogger Time
“Hmmm, I just noticed that Blogger seems to have got the time wrong - dunno ...”
XML and XSLT - Results!
“Woo-hoo! I've been experimenting with XML and XSLT - long story but, following a suggestion ...”
Lost Fonts of Atlantis
“Gaaar! What is it with fonts? For some reason, every time I open a Photoshop ...”
Two new sets of photos
“Two new sets of photos - a few from our campign holiday at Graig Wen ...”
Multiple Scripting Language Hell
“Aargh! Bloody typical - that'll teach me to use multiple scripting languages. OK, I solved ...”
Photos from Cornwall
“More photos - this time from our latest holiday in Cornwall.”
Out, Out Damn Cat
“On our recent return from Cornwall, I thought I was coming down with a cold/chest-infection. ...”
Problem with Comment Script and New Blogger IDs
“Shit, I Just found a problem with the comments script I use on this section ...”
GuyD2's Travelogue
“Yay, Guy got his completed travelogue online!. Guy and I had a couple of fretful ...”
Autumn's Coming Fast
“It's that time of year when Summer busts into a fuzzy frayed final fling, the ...”
Old Pig (sniff) Always Makes Me Cry
“Lola asked me to read Old Pig tonight - I haven't read it since Rowan ...”
Neil Fucking Armstrong
“Did Neil Armstrong really fucking say this?”
Beautiful Planet
“Gorgeous - reminds me of the Clangers. Clues: Get the guy stoned Fix the cable thats hanging down Use ...”
Photos from Jonstock
“More pictures - from this weekend's mini-festival affectionately referred to by everyone except Jon as ...”
Photos from Druidstone
“Think I forgot to mention, I put my Druidstone photos up. Just two sets left ...”
Just following through on that
“Just following through on that Scabs book, I looked at some more from the same ...”
I went for a cycle
I went for a cycle ride at about 6am today - wanted to catch that ...”
The usage stats just keep
“The usage stats just keep on getting better - since the server went back up ...”
Cool... I never realised quite
“Cool... I never realised quite how popular was, but since it's been back online ...”
I am listening to the
“I am listening to the future of music! Eigenradio - The top 20 singular values ...”
New photos - 'twas the
“New photos - 'twas the night before Antwerp... yay, means I might finally get on ...”
Have had a few problems
“Have had a few problems with my website and others on my server - appears ...”
Bizarre... I have this kind
“Bizarre... I have this kind of weird back-brain obsession with Berwick upon Tweed - ever ...”
Update on the car stereo
“Update on the car stereo situation: The bad news - I arrived at the shop just ...”
The stuff I just missed
“The stuff I just missed in Antwerp :'-( PS Antwerp blog/photos... yes, very long time coming. ...”
Yesterday was a day that
“Yesterday was a day that should never have happened. It all started off so well ...”
Went to London last week
“Went to London last week - on the train back, I was tempted to blog. ...”
Been meaning to write about
“Been meaning to write about last Saturday's dinner... cooked some Kedgeree (amazing stuff... as ever, ...”
Just gone through another of
“Just gone through another of those cycles... been getting increasingly down, finding it hard (impossible) ...”
I've been off cooking for
“I've been off cooking for a while, but on Saturday Gill's friends Mike and Anita ...”
“This ROCKS!”
Great night last night -
“Great night last night - came down to London in the morning for a couple ...”
I just woke up with
“I just woke up with a very witty cism in my head, after thinking about ...”
Hmmm.... I don't think this
“Hmmm.... I don't think this is quite right: gulchMagic Number9JobConservationistPersonalityI'd Quite Like OneTemperamentSteelySexualJust Say NoLikely To ...”
Been a busy week for
“Been a busy week for photos - here's some I took yesterday at Heeley Farm ...”
And another load of Life...
“And another load of Life... miscellaneous stuff at home from the last couple of months.”
Ha ha - fruckin hilarious.
“Ha ha - fruckin hilarious. I run a little piece of software on my PC ...”
I'm going to court in
“I'm going to court in the morning, ding dong the bells are going to chime For ...”
Added two new sets of
“Added two new sets of pictures to Life, FAD Party and Five Weirs Walk”
Just watched some program on
“Just watched some program on Channel 4 about models. They used that Mark Ribot y ...”
\SystemRoot\ System32\ Config\ SOFTWARE is corrupt!
“\SystemRoot\System32\Config\SOFTWARE is corrupt!”
I've been playing in a
“I've been playing in a salsa band recently - well, perhaps that's talking it up ...”
I made one of those
“I made one of those very occasional and much needed minor adjustments to my home ...”
<sigh> - I finally finished
“<sigh> - I finally finished writing a small Perl script which I started on about ...”
Story to warm the cockles
“Story to warm the cockles of one's heart, from this week's Popbitch: ...”
Last week I took part
“Last week I took part in the BBC's national IQ test. IQ tests are something ...”
Ooo... I bin banished to
“Ooo... I bin banished to the second level of hell: The Dante's Inferno Test has banished ...”
Je T'Aime John Wayne
“Just watched Je T'Aime John Wayne on TV - hilarious, brilliant short film spoof/homage to ...”
After a break of a
After a break of a few weeks, I went to another lunchtime meditation at the ...”
Downloaded a Chromo for my
“Downloaded a Chromo for my desktop - god knows whether this thing actually works (cure's ...”
Hey hey hey... I finally
“Hey hey hey... I finally got this ebay thing kick started - listed a couple ...”
More photos, more Magna.
“More photos, more Magna.”
Some more photos, and a
“Some more photos, and a brief description, of our holiday in Robin Hood's Bay.”
Mmm... gonna be checking this
“Mmm... gonna be checking this out regularly, get my munchies inspired by Google.”
Patch Adams and Kennth Kaunda
“Sorry, it's "let's quote the Guardian day" today... good thing I don't get to lie ...”
I've been lying in bed
“I've been lying in bed feverish for two days now, listening to the radio. Strange ...”
The Love Triangle behind Britpop
“Fascinating piece in the Guardian about the love-triangle behind Britpop. This line, from the second ...”
It seems that too many
“It seems that too many people love the Iraqi Information Minister. (site now available here)”
Disgusting: FBI targeting Michael Franti
“Disgusting: FBI targeting Michael Franti and Spearhead for peace song and anti-war activities - sounds ...”
More photos of Magma
“Stuck some more photos online - another trip to Magma.”
Weird, scary stuff happening last
“Weird, scary stuff happening last week. I had (still have) an infected finger (acute paronychia, I ...”
I just updated my articles
“I just updated my articles page to, very belatedly, add stuff I'd written (or stolen ...”
Rowan just decided that a
“Rowan just decided that a blank excercise book would become her poetry book. Here's her ...”
Not Oil, but Dollars vs. Euros
“More mind-blowingly fascinating stuff on the current global situation and why we are where we ...”
Oh my, this article is
“Oh my, this article is very scary. Reproduced below, because I'm allowed to and because ...”
Lots of funny war-related pics
“Lots of funny war-related pics here. Also, heard this quote today and chuckled: You know the ...”
Gill and I started detoxing
“Gill and I started detoxing today. Feeling really good about it - normally, if the ...”
Yay! Spring is gorgeous. Spent
“Yay! Spring is gorgeous. Spent some wonderful days in the sunshine, few more wonderful than ...”
Crikey, life just keeps on
“Crikey, life just keeps on getting better. On Saturday I lost a £50 note - or ...”
I surpassed myself at dinner
“I surpassed myself at dinner tonight. The first course was something I would have been pretty ...”
Yay! Get Your War On
“Yay! Get Your War On fucking rocks!”
Broaden your mind with some
“Broaden your mind with some Mad Science random knowledge”
Faxed my MP again: FOR
“Faxed my MP again: FOR THE ATTENTION OF: Mr Richard Caborn MP for Sheffield Central House Of Commons London SW1A 0AA Tuesday ...”
Chez Lahlou
“We finally made it to Chez Lahlou's restaurant last night - it's only around ...”
I went for a walk
I went for a walk in the sunrise this morning. Actually, tell a lie, I ...”
I love Vice Magazine! The
“I love Vice Magazine! The more I read it, the more I love it (and ...”
Posted a new review to
“Posted a new review to Amazon - of Delia's new vegetarian book.”
We finally went through the
“We finally went through the hatch in our living room roof last night! Yeah, only ...”
Wow... schloozed out on uber-sweet
“Wow... schloozed out on uber-sweet lemon genever, subbing articles for the next FAD, and Bow ...”
It looks like our housing/money
“It looks like our housing/money problems could be all solved... or at least pushed far ...”
I was thinking earlier of
“I was thinking earlier of throwing together some sort of words of advice for young ...”
I'm back in another food
I'm back in another food phase. It started three or four days ago, when I decided ...”
My night in Manchester.. I
“My night in Manchester.. I didn't manage to keep it a secret ...”
This looks like such a
“This looks like such a jack-of-all-trades master-of-none gadget that I imagine it's fairly useless (or ...”
I really ought to post
“I really ought to post something about this weekend's demonstration, except I don't know that ...”
Crikey... searching for stuff on
“Crikey... searching for stuff on David and Zero just now, I found a whole website ...”
Ngggg... I'm bursting with
“Ngggg... I'm bursting with excitement. I've been organising a surprise weekend for Gill ...”
Another very strange, very vivid
“Another very strange, very vivid dream last night, at about 2am. I was reading a ...”
Whoah, Daily Photo Project is
“Whoah, Daily Photo Project is awesome - puts my (very out of date - last ...”
Hmmm... what's with the MC5
“Hmmm... what's with the MC5 T-Shirts? Just saw on the Saturday Show (I don't watch ...”
Some well deserved back-slapping for
“Some well deserved back-slapping for (Richard Caborn MP still hasn't replied to my fax ...”
Thanks for Jan for telling
“Thanks for Jan for telling me about Social Mobile Phones”
Oh yeah, I finished the
“Oh yeah, I finished the rest of the pasta dough. This time I was experimenting ...”
For a while now I've
“For a while now I've been wondering what to do with surplus but loved books. ...”
Mmmm... food again. Just tried
“Mmmm... food again. Just tried out the pasta-maker which Linda bought for our wedding present. ...”
Wow, it appears I am
“Wow, it appears I am one of Amazon UK's top 1000 reviewers (joint 730th in ...”
The last couple of mornings
“The last couple of mornings have been full of vivid dreams. Yesterday morning, I had ...”
I've discovered a great new
“I've discovered a great new recipe courtesy of Madhur Jaffray's World Vegetarian (a book I've ...”
This page really isn't ready
“This page really isn't ready yet but... what I did on my Wedding day (please ...”
What I really did on
“What I really did on my stag night: Mwahahaha - fooled you ;-)”
Just returned from my latest
“Just returned from my latest London trip with my wedding wardrobe. Got a black suit ...”
Wow - just listened to
“Wow - just listened to a muchly inspiring show on Radio 4 - With Great ...”
Sony, bless their cotton socks,
“Sony, bless their cotton socks, finally responded to six months of emailing them about my ...”
In response to numerous requests...
“In response to numerous requests... What I Did on my Stag Night... ...”
I just popped into the
“I just popped into the local coffee shop for a mid-morning snack, and sat flicking ...”
I walked into town with
“I walked into town with Lola on my back on Sunday - was on my ...”
Will somebody please explain to
“Will somebody please explain to me how to make CSS clipping work?”
I played the indecision game
“I played the indecision game in London on Monday night. This is a game which I ...”
I just woke up to
I just woke up to an amazing track on the radio - I think it ...”
Life is a continual series
“Life is a continual series of ups and downs down: Yesterday morning, despite a spark inside, ...”
Ah... I'm sure that 2
“Ah... I'm sure that 2 weeks ago, when I started updating again, I was going ...”
Mmmm.... got to try the
“Mmmm.... got to try the food at South today, a new restaurant in Shoreditch where ...”
And another two: our Lockerbrook
“And another two: our Lockerbrook weekend and some miscellaneous pictures from the last three months.”
Yay! Another Life completed -
“Yay! Another Life completed - this one documents a walk to Wharncliffe Edge back in ...”
Oh bugger... how prescient was
“Oh bugger... how prescient was that earlier post? I went to get the £26 out ...”
I see the chip shop
“I see the chip shop in Walkley has changed hands after 25 years. And... oh ...”
It's that time again -
“It's that time again - car service time. I'd been putting it off a few ...”
Woodcraft gathering at Lockerbrook
“Spent Saturday night at Lockerbrook - Linda and Jess had organised a gather of old ...”
At last! I have a
At last! I have a Life again... I've been meaning to upload some photos for ...”
We were talking wedding talk,
“We were talking wedding talk, and June mentioned that Marks & Spencers are selling pre-mixed ...”
Posting Things in Holes
“Jeez... ought to get at least one blog in during November! I just "liberated" a 5p ...”
Got a lovely "Get Well
“Got a lovely "Get Well Soon" card from Rowan yesterday.”
Been meaning to post some
“Been meaning to post some more here for ages... but been very busy, and avoiding ...”
Whoah! My website is accessible
“Whoah! My website is accessible in China. That's nice.”
It seems I need 1.8
“It seems I need 1.8 planets to support my lifestyle. Not good. But quite a ...”
Thanks to Sue for making
“Thanks to Sue for making me aware of Hunter S Thompson's extremely polite rant to ...”
Gaaa.... ain't that always the
“Gaaa.... ain't that always the way. Here I am, wasting time before getting started on ...”
Yay! I just saved a
“Yay! I just saved a butterfly. It had been fluttering around, on and off, all morning, ...”
To my list of "currently
“To my list of "currently reading" below I should add Fast Food Nation. I know ...”
“Yee-ess! Guy has finally got his site live - and it's a big improvement on ...”
Well, I finally did it.
“Well, I finally did it. I finally got on my bike again. Last year I had ...”
Mmmm... dunno whether it's the
“Mmmm... dunno whether it's the monthly arrival of Observer Food Monthly along with the Sunday ...”
Somehow my life seems to
“Somehow my life seems to follow my reading habits. When I'm happily breezing through books, ...”
heh heh... cyber zoophilia courtesy
“heh heh... cyber zoophilia courtesy of fido dildo.”
Thanks to Naomi for pointing
“Thanks to Naomi for pointing me to the compatiblity test: Compatibility Test ...”
Rowan was pretty pleasant (for
“Rowan was pretty pleasant (for her) this morning - got up no problem, made herself ...”
Yay! Radio 3 posted the
“Yay! Radio 3 posted the playlist - the track I wanted is Hana by Asa-Chang ...”
Tried to find my celebrity
“Tried to find my celebrity match (don't ask), and just got loads of Dutch women ...”
I'm having a very accident
“I'm having a very accident prone day - was making some salad dressing at lunch ...”
Heard a wonderful wonderful piece
“Heard a wonderful wonderful piece of music on Radio 3, Late Junction last night. It ...”
This is absolutely wonderful -
“This is absolutely wonderful - a random nonsense word generator. I've often wanted something like ...”
Ooh, I almost forgot to
“Ooh, I almost forgot to mention, didn't I, that last week (or was it the ...”
Thanks to Scot for pointing
“Thanks to Scot for pointing me to Found Magazine - full of... found stuff.”
I started thinking about cooking
“I started thinking about cooking again last night - I haven't cooked in months, and ...”
Gill insisted that I got
“Gill insisted that I got up with Lola this morning - she woke at about ...”
Woo! Not something I've ever
“Woo! Not something I've ever thought about before but... Mal was talking about his Attention ...”
Since the advent of Google
“Since the advent of Google Groups, I've got back into the habit of posting to ...”
Went to see The Closet
“Went to see The Closet with Gill tonight - it was lovely - very lightweight, ...”
Whoah! Awesome! The Universe is
“Whoah! Awesome! The Universe is a beautiful place.”
I just signed up at
“I just signed up at Deviant Art... I'm MrFunction. It's... I'm a bit unsure about ...”
Took some video of Rowan,
“Took some video of Rowan, Beth and Lola dancing the other day. Couldn't resist digitising ...”
Wow! Ever wondered what it's
“Wow! Ever wondered what it's like inside the mind of a deity?”
I uploaded my photos from
“I uploaded my photos from London this weekend into two new Life pages - People ...”
Well well well... what a
“Well well well... what a football trip that turned out to be. I came down to ...”
Usability Analysis of Toilet Roll Holders
“Jeez... a usability analysis of toilet-roll holders by Don Norman. What's even sadder that this ...”
Crikey! I'm going all into
“Crikey! I'm going all into Doom nostalgia mode again. About 8 years ago I made ...”
Oooooh, I want one, I
“Oooooh, I want one, I want one! (prompted by another drive down to London and back). Of ...”
I had a wonderful day
“I had a wonderful day in town with Lola on Saturday - somehow it felt ...”
I did something very enjoyable
“I did something very enjoyable today... Terry came around this morning and together we spent ...”
Had a wonderful blissful jam
“Had a wonderful blissful jam in Ed's studio last week - Ed was playing a ...”
Rowan made a lovely comment
“Rowan made a lovely comment today: "I know why we saw Mars on family camp" (we'd ...”
Is Guimp really the world's
“Is Guimp really the world's smallest website?”
Haha... I finally finished scanning
“Haha... I finally finished scanning my old sketchbook (made the HTML ages ago). Erm... another ...”
Bristol University finally caught up
“Bristol University finally caught up with me... they have my new address now, and sent ...”
Mmmm... spend a night at
“Mmmm... spend a night at Ed's studio. Mmmm... slivovic. Mmmm... so much more. Mmmm... 170 ...”
Been involved in an interesting
“Been involved in an interesting thread on the freelancers mailing list, under the somewhat misleading ...”
Nice little resource for building
“Nice little resource for building database connection strings in ASP at”
Took some teeny-tiny video clips
“Took some teeny-tiny video clips of Lola's walking... here”
Whoah! Lola just took off!
“Whoah! Lola just took off! Well, not in the rocket-ship sense, but she is pounding the ...”
Rowan has discovered a new
“Rowan has discovered a new obsession - the microwave. She has moved on from her ...”
Heeeeey! Just noticed that Call
“Heeeeey! Just noticed that Call Me Audrey put my photos up on the Crouching Bitches ...”
More Published Writing now Online
“I finally put some more of my written work online - in print has 5 ...”
Thanks to Phil for pointing
“Thanks to Phil for pointing out the science of my life: Gumptionology”
Hmmm... free domains at
“Hmmm... free domains at - got a feeling this might just be some email-grabbing ...”
This weekend I finally read
“This weekend I finally read Getting Rid of Mister Kitchen by Charles Higson - I ...”
Spent a wonderful weekend in
“Spent a wonderful weekend in Wales... in touch with nature again, weather conducive to outside-ness ...”
Lol! From this week's
“Lol! From this week's weekly roundup: | Ever forgotten your PC password? If so, it probably ...”
Next big meme: "When Mark
“Next big meme: "When Mark Shuttleworth (very rich space tourist) returns from space, everybody dress in ape ...”
Wow! Something else going live!
“Wow! Something else going live! Ed's robot costume for Kylie is finally complete, and has ...”
Yaaaay! Big excitement! For the
“Yaaaay! Big excitement! For the first time in ages, I can boast about having something ...”
Oooh... forgot to mention that
“Oooh... forgot to mention that I'd put 2 new life's up... and now I haven't, ...”
Print out some of these
“Print out some of these handy condiment sachets for your local fast food restaurant.”
Awww... Scot and Amy's baby
“Awww... Scot and Amy's baby makes it's first appearance online. Now that is awesome!”
Was wondering what to do
“Was wondering what to do with our garden... perhaps we could put a pub in ...”
Just notice that the Eleksen
“Just notice that the Eleksen website, which I did some work on a while back, ...”
Gill's been shifting book-shelves: the
“Gill's been shifting book-shelves: the fiction has all moved to her massage room, and there's ...”
You know you've been chatting
“You know you've been chatting too much when... your dreams look like real life, but ...”
Kurosawa's Throne of Blood and Yojimbo
“Finally made it to the Kurosawa yesterday - Gill allowed me the evening off (funny, ...”
Google web poetry
“I love the ideas behind this guy's Google web-poetry.”
Los Bluesfalos to Los Bastados
“Phil posted me some stuff about his local blues-band, Los Bluesfalos, which made me think ...”
Finally got my chatbots up
“Finally got my chatbots up and running on Liv4now for a trial run last week. ...”
Updated my resumé and projects
“Updated my resumé and projects list.”
This is so cool (well,
“This is so cool (well, kept me amused anyway. And actually, our house is slightly ...”
Lola discovered Rowan's Zolo today
“Lola discovered Rowan's Zolo today - possibly the greatest toy ever invented (even if it ...”
Priceless! It may not be
“Priceless! It may not be April 1st, but for a moment there, I had Gill ...”
Oh dear, sometimes these work-avoidance-days
“Oh dear, sometimes these work-avoidance-days are so hard on my blog-reading public... things do deteriorate ...”
Oh shit, why the fuck
“Oh shit, why the fuck not make it three. Running a Babelfish on this page ...”
Oh, and speaking of the
“Oh, and speaking of the Cardiacs (twice in one day, better be careful), glad to ...”
Just found the perfect introduction
“Just found the perfect introduction to the Cardiacs - much better than anything on the ...”
Good news! The Kurosawa season
“Good news! The Kurosawa season (which I totally missed at the NFT, despite it running ...”
On the train down to
“On the train down to London on Monday, I sat directly behind a girl - ...”
I was first alerted to
“I was first alerted to Eugene Mirman, the creepy singing child, by Popbitch about a ...”
Reading Neil Gaiman's journal, he
“Reading Neil Gaiman's journal, he mentions people ripping off plots from his stories, and the ...”
Whoah, I must've got caught
“Whoah, I must've got caught in a parallel dimension, alternate universe or something. Y'see, I ...”
Heh heh, got an interesting
“Heh heh, got an interesting little email-journal from David - sounds like things are getting ...”
More cocktail experimentation - another
“More cocktail experimentation - another lemon drop-esque attempt: juice of 1-and-a-half lemons (coz that's what ...”
Whooh, now that's scary!
“Whooh, now that's scary!”
Yeah, that dream, right. I
“Yeah, that dream, right. I kept on being late for band practices - feelings of ...”
Something odd seems to be
“Something odd seems to be happening with my hands at the moment - maybe it's ...”
(Sorry... more musical meanderings)... currently
“(Sorry... more musical meanderings)... currently on the tape recorder, a very poor recording (think the ...”
Ha ha ha ha -
“Ha ha ha ha - Spam Radio”
Finally managed to solve my
“Finally managed to solve my video problems - yay! Feel like ripping all my mini-DVs ...”
Finally made it up to
“Finally made it up to the loft to sniff out some tapes - didn't find ...”
Gill's got a new job
“Gill's got a new job - setting up an ISSP scheme to work with the ...”
Still on the Legendary Stardust
“Still on the Legendary Stardust Cowboy trip... found this site. I love his autobiography - ...”
Been out in the garden
“Been out in the garden with Rowan today. I find our garden kinda depressing. For ...”
Been meaning to dig out
“Been meaning to dig out a few of my old tapes from the loft, ever ...”
Went to the Earth Centre
“Went to the Earth Centre today with Woodcraft & the Germans. Saw some wonderful stuff ...”
Finished He Kills Coppers by
“Finished He Kills Coppers by Jake Arnott last night - which, considering I started it ...”
Rowan's been busy on the
“Rowan's been busy on the Mic again - recorded a few snippets of her, firstly ...”
Throw open the windows! Spring
“Throw open the windows! Spring is truly here! Time to end every sentence with an ...”
Oh, and speaking of food,
“Oh, and speaking of food, and desserts in particular, and also in the spirit of ...”
Mmmmmm... custard flavoured with Mirto.
“Mmmmmm... custard flavoured with Mirto. Right, I ought to stop this silliness right now. I ...”
Was just sitting at my
“Was just sitting at my computer with the TV talking to itself in the background, ...”
Sign of the times
Sign of the times Hannah has a friend who teaches at a school in Liverpool, same ...”
I've become obsessed with ginger
“I've become obsessed with ginger in drinks lately. I think it started when I bought ...”
Must write something about the
“Must write something about the incredible Martin Parr exhibition I saw at the Barbican, before ...”
David Hasslehof Barbie 🙂
“David Hasslehof Barbie :-)”
Bummer. Blogger has screwed up
“Bummer. Blogger has screwed up on the archive doobry again, and left me with a ...”
Heard back from the police
“Heard back from the police about our little incident the other week. Apparently the car ...”
Mmmmm.... just invented my own
“Mmmmm.... just invented my own variation on the Lemon Drop cocktail. A shot of Absolut ...”
Spring has finally come to
“Spring has finally come to Sheffield ( indeed it is, first day of Spring - ...”
Have an uncontrollable urge to
“Have an uncontrollable urge to keep editing my Antwerp blog to include more bands. Forgot ...”
I so love my family.
“I so love my family. It's great to travel, but even better to return home. Lola ...”
Good news for stoned drivers!
“Good news for stoned drivers! ("motorists on cannabis tended to drive cautiously" - yeah, too ...”
Fixated by music. On my
“Fixated by music. On my MP3 player right now is Manhoo by the Cardiacs. There's ...”
Needed to get Hmmm... that's
“Needed to get Hmmm... that's as far as I got with my last entry while ...”
One step further away from
“One step further away from being a Linux virgin! I finally managed to get my ...”
Yeah, like, sorry to bang
“Yeah, like, sorry to bang on about John Lurie, but the book he's writing has ...”
After all my John Lurie
“After all my John Lurie excitement of the last couple of days (the Marvin Pontiac ...”
As I type this, there
“As I type this, there are 2 cans of insects on the desk next to ...”
Amazon Delivers! Or at least,
“Amazon Delivers! Or at least, it did today. Albeit not all of the things I'd ...”
Hit and Run in Oxford Street
“Had a shock coming down Oxford Street (no not that one, the Sheffield one) today. ...”
The other night, I dreamt
“The other night, I dreamt two entirely different television adaptations of the Lord of the ...”
I finally managed to solve
“I finally managed to solve my ASF encoding problem. Turns out that Microsoft had a ...”
London was mostly fun this
“London was mostly fun this week - walking down from Kings Cross to Old Street, ...”
Rediscovered the magnificence of Robert
“Rediscovered the magnificence of Robert Wyatt's "A Short Break" yesterday. Lola enjoyed it too, and ...”
Hey - the Evening Standard
“Hey - the Evening Standard had a little snippet on the Watermark Club yesterday. Apparently ...”
Thank heavens for long, hung-over,
“Thank heavens for long, hung-over, completely brain-dead train journeys. I have for your delectation, 3 ...”
Fright of my life time
“Fright of my life time going into a cyber-cafe yesterday. They had network sockets that ...”
Of course, one more hell
“Of course, one more hell to deal with in this whole switch-over business (well, several ...”
Like Need to Know, not
“Like Need to Know, not sure what Panasonic are selling but it's got to be ...”
In case you were wondering
“In case you were wondering what happened - I've just moved servers. My website (and ...”
Sometimes my dreams are like
“Sometimes my dreams are like cathedrals. I don't mean they're tall and old, I mean ...”
I really enjoyed reading this
“I really enjoyed reading this valentine tale of woe - especially the supermarket bit. The ...”
Here's one button that you
“Here's one button that you may want on your website.”
Been fiddling with our new
“Been fiddling with our new Unix server homes. Thought I'd try to convert some ASP ...”
Finally found somewhere that can
“Finally found somewhere that can supply me with a new bowl for my Magimix (apparently ...”
Got another book review, The
“Got another book review, The Murdoch Mission, published on Brand Republic today. Will post the ...”
Ed just introduced me to
“Ed just introduced me to Fischerspooner - wonderful sounds. Fast forward to the 80s. And ...”
Another weekend in the countryside,
“Another weekend in the countryside, rambling around Grindleford with Terry. Another opportunity to put some ...”
Been swotting up on IRC
“Been swotting up on IRC all day - need to create some chatbot scripts for ...”
Drove behind a Bentley today
“Drove behind a Bentley today (yeah, a Bentley. In Sheffield. Not only that, in Pitsmoor ...”
Something very strange has happened
“Something very strange has happened to my computer over the last couple of days - ...”
Lola's 1st birthday yesterday. Nothing
“Lola's 1st birthday yesterday. Nothing much special doing - nursery in the morning, moaning for ...”
Heh-heh! Finally finished The Big
“Heh-heh! Finally finished The Big Nowhere - incredible, so many plots, sub-plots, streams-of-consciousness. Layer after ...”
Saturday 2nd February 2002, 02/02/02,
“Saturday 2nd February 2002, 02/02/02, 2s day, was my 33rd Birthday. I hadn't expected a ...”
Haha - I think I
Haha - I think I mentioned internationalifying food names the other day - well, no ...”
Hey! Looks like somebody else
“Hey! Looks like somebody else is celebrating my 02 day tomorrow! (please send me any ...”
So, a very belated RIP
“So, a very belated RIP then to George Harrison. Been on my mind lately - ...”
Books. Been immersing myself in
“Books. Been immersing myself in Noir recently. Since finishing The Lord of the Rings, I fancied ...”
Bravely bought a packet of
“Bravely bought a packet of Hunza apricots from Beanies the other day - they don't ...”
Got an email from Paul
“Got an email from Paul with details of the Basel carnival I mentioned: Just a note ...”
Been meaning for weeks now
“Been meaning for weeks now to tell various people about the _amazing_ new book of ...”
Finally updated my CV -
“Finally updated my CV - much happier with this version, less list-y, more prose-y”
Train Toilet Usability
“Found another example of crap usability (quite literally... erm?) - Midland Mainline Turbostar toilets. Horrible ...”
Played my last gig
Played my last gig with Bone Turtle last night - and a good time was ...”
I was at a loose
I was at a loose end near Waterloo station yesterday, so I popped into the ...”
Another witty guest book comment
“Another witty guest book comment from "Hamster"”
Travel Arrangements by M John Harrison
“Started dipping into Travel Arrangements by M John Harrison again yesterday. SO glad I did. The ...”
Yesterday was salad day. Dipped
“Yesterday was salad day. Dipped into the Millennium Cookbook for some inspirations - as usual, ...”
Well, I didn't manage too
“Well, I didn't manage too well on the last sanity test I took. And I ...”
After writing that last piece,
“After writing that last piece, I took a look through John Lurie's/Lounge Lizards website, ...”
When I was younger, I
“When I was younger, I used to have a tape called "Peace Party" - it ...”
Just for a change, the
“Just for a change, the latest set of life pictures are by Gill - she ...”
Ah Pook is Here!
“America the stupid (vulgar, ugly, greedy, death-sucker) I just can't believe the idiocy of the American ...”
Delved into the old Nigella
“Delved into the old Nigella books last night (oh yeah, we also got How to ...”
Polished off another book review
“Polished off another book review for Brand Republic - branding@thedigitalage edited by Herbert M. Meyers, ...”
More Life photos - Xmas
“More Life photos - Xmas 2001”
My Xmas night dream (after
“My Xmas night dream (after a lovely big dinner): I went to see Hawkwind - expected ...”
Saving up to write a
“Saving up to write a Lord of the Rings blog. One of these days soon ...”
Registered our house with Amazing
“Registered our house with Amazing Space, in the hope that it may one day feature ...”
Lawks-a-mercy! The fadeless splendour of
“Lawks-a-mercy! The fadeless splendour of the Cardiacs' lyrics are now laid plain upon a website ...”
Christmas, holiday, no time for
“Christmas, holiday, no time for computer. Music: Ronald Shannon Jackson, God and The Cardiacs. See you all ...”
(also courtesy of NTK) Some
“(also courtesy of NTK) Some great (kazoo) music, no, really! Check out Zooloop and Zoodub; and ...”
Yatta! Hahahahahaha
“Yatta! Hahahahahaha”
Had a... slightly tipsy... slightly
“Had a... slightly tipsy... slightly queasy... night at Century with Mark & Gordon. Mitch turned ...”
Some fascinating peeks at history
“Some fascinating peeks at history in the making, as well probably more bytes of crap ...”
(apologies to Guy for lifting
“(apologies to Guy for lifting this from my email to him) S'funny, while I was lying ...”
'Nother gorgeous Flash site:
“'Nother gorgeous Flash site:”
wow - just noticed the
“wow - just noticed the perfect crescent moon in the dawn sky, just through the ...”
Tried to post here twice
“Tried to post here twice yesterday and, because of my habit of flitting from one ...”
And another one.
“And another one.”
Another overdue life - another
“Another overdue life - another weekend visiting Sheffield museums and parks.”
Strangest weather this morning -
“Strangest weather this morning - I walked out of the house to take Rowan to ...”
Just stumbled across the 2000AD
“Just stumbled across the 2000AD website and relived my youth. Incredible linked database of artists/writers/letters ...”
La la la (yeah, that's
“La la la (yeah, that's the word... I mean phrase... I mean, meaningless string of ...”
But when I get drunk...
“But when I get drunk... I still wanna light up the night sky with an ...”
So anyway, continuing the London
“So anyway, continuing the London tales... that night we went to a magazine launch - ...”
hee hee... noticed blue felt-tip
“hee hee... noticed blue felt-tip stripes up Rowan's arms & legs tonight. Apparently she wanted ...”
Had another fun 2 days
“Had another fun 2 days in London this week. Wednesday we met up with JC ...”
I read a piece by
I read a piece by Anthony Bourdain in the Observer this weekend where he mentioned ...”
I wanted to read this,
“I wanted to read this, I really did. But... the mock-storytelling and incessant jingoism were ...”
We finally got to see
“We finally got to see Amélíe! And yes, it is as good as everyone says ...”
Forgot to mention what I
“Forgot to mention what I did Saturday morning, after the Cardiacs gig. Had to dash ...”
bllddrum-bump, bllddram-bump, bllddrim-bump..... diddleumpum... bllddrum-bump,
“bllddrum-bump, bllddram-bump, bllddrim-bump..... diddleumpum... bllddrum-bump, bllddram-bump, bllddrim-bump..... diddleumpum.. (this time it's Shuck it Up by Medeski, ...”
Listening to Litany by Alan
“Listening to Litany by Alan Ridout from the CD 20th Century Sacred Music. Glorious, especially ...”
Haha. (from 1st Circumlocutionist:
“Haha. (from 1st Circumlocutionist: I have in my possession an animal belonging to the family ...”
Been thinking more and more
“Been thinking more and more of getting some new speakers - my Wharfedale Dentons are ...”
Had a great few days.
“Had a great few days. Called round on Jan Thursday night - chatted for hours. ...”
Must try playing Cosmology of
“Must try playing Cosmology of Kyoto - sounds... interesting.”
Discovered that Mike Harrison has
“Discovered that Mike Harrison has got his website act together - some interesting reading matter ...”
I had a wonderful brand
“I had a wonderful brand experience today(!) Real cluetrain stuff. Just happened to get my home ...”
Having a revelationary mental states
“Having a revelationary mental states day. Erm... something like that. Been trying to adapt to ...”
Spent far too long on
“Spent far too long on this. High score, 14.8 seconds.”
Had a great weekend with
“Had a great weekend with Lola. David, whose flat I borrow when in London, was back ...”
Not quite sure what's going
“Not quite sure what's going on here but it looks kinda fun”
Had some skunk last night.
“Had some skunk last night. Not something I normally enjoy all that much... bit of ...”
Aren't train journeys wonderful things?
“Aren't train journeys wonderful things? Used mine as an opportunity to update my life photo ...”
Added two new Life entries
“Added two new Life entries - Durham and Anti-War.”
Wow! The Sumption Effect strikes
“Wow! The Sumption Effect strikes again. The day after we visit Magna and... this (or, ...”
Just bought Organ Transplants vol.
“Just bought Organ Transplants vol. 2 by Stock Hausen and Walkman - every bit as ...”
Rowan has been singing to
“Rowan has been singing to the computer again.”
Still, other than that we
“Still, other than that we had a good day yesterday. Gill went for a day's ...”
Wankers Put a Brick Through Rowan's Window
“Wankers. Fucking idiots. Bastards. Tossers. Cunts. Grrr. I want to kill someone, problem is... I don't ...”
Gill's Electric Touch
“Wierd thing happened the other night. Gill has been attending a massage course for about ...”
Oh Joy! I got my
Oh Joy! I got my new job! It's at Vizzavi, doing Apache/Oracle installations (a subject ...”
I find it strange how
“I find it strange how people can have "regulars" for their lunch. The very idea ...”
Fabulously lucid dream last night.
“Fabulously lucid dream last night. I was Harry Potter: a little older than the Harry ...”
Napster book review
“Wrote a review of a Napster book for Brand Republic.”
Some great online reading
“(Also just this once)... copy & pasted the & in copy & paste from Auriea's ...”
Quote of the week -
“Quote of the week - on the plane back from Greece Rowan and Beth were ...”
Hell, I can't be angry
“Hell, I can't be angry with the Greeks for too long. The next day we ...”
Generic vegetable oil != olive oil
“Grrr. I'm angry with Greece. Silly really, and it's my own stupid fault no doubt ...”
We are staying in the
“We are staying in the Valentino apartments. On our first night here, the waiter at ...”
Ooch. Too many Russian Cocaines
“Ooch. Too many Russian Cocaines last night. Stomach churning.”
A short distance across the
“A short distance across the sea from here (Roda) I can see Albania - miles ...”
Sitting in the coach through
“Sitting in the coach through Corfu town - the oblique green arrow of a traffic ...”
Well, 20 pages in and
“Well, 20 pages in and number9dream is every bit as good as expected. No, better. ...”
Death and Night and Blood. Yeuch.
“Walking home tonight, I couldn't get The Stanglers out of my head - Death and ...”
note to me: ring jo
“note to me: ring jo + mike t about work”
Reading, reading reading.... warning -
“Reading, reading reading.... warning - vague, dislocated, post follows, includes bloated sentences and multiple nested thoughts Just ...”
Obviously a lot of other
“Obviously a lot of other people were thinking about Microsoft Flight Simulator at the same ...”
Scanning blogdex, trying to find
“Scanning blogdex, trying to find some piece of non-WTC-terrorism-related and non-Nimda-virus-related stories, this cyborg cockroach ...”
This piece, once it gets
“This piece, once it gets into its flow, has some interesting things to say about ...”
Still having to consume more
“Still having to consume more personal reports of Tuesday's events and the aftermath. This report ...”
Interesting thought of last night:
“Interesting thought of last night: Will the twin towers of the World Trade Center be ...”
Hard to describe the feeling.
“Hard to describe the feeling. Like half of the world, I am in shock. And I ...”
This is wonderful. Sometimes I
“This is wonderful. Sometimes I wish that I had a super-hero alter-ego. (Oh yeah, I do. ...”
Two Towers?
“ WTF? I have no words, so must piggy-back off Auriea's memorial”
My weblogger twin
“Decided to find my weblogger twin. My twin is apparently Caroline of Mind you, ...”
Americans don't need to worry about Big Brother
“Some great comments on the Modern Library's top 20 novels of the 20th century. ...”
Let's give this a try
“Let's give this a try”
The ordinariness of blogging
“I liked the other Tim's take on Sarah G's take on the ordinariness of blogging: ...”
White wine for summer, red wine for winter
“Second sign of winter: drinking red wine at lunch time. A long time since I've ...”
There's a string quartet inside my computer
“You know that thing, where it's late at night, you're tired, been doing too much ...”
The bitter cold of winter
“Well, this is it. Winter has started. Not that it's snowing or anything - in ...”
A day in Nottingham with Rowan and Lola
“Took Rowan and Lolly out for the day on Saturday. Rowan made her usual protests ...”
The food in my fridge
“Ah, the dilemmas of food. Several months ago I took the cookbook The Single Vegan ...”
No one comes here sober
“Quote of the night from Gordon's novel: No one comes here sober and everyone leaves ...”
Cool dad on the train
“(this entry follows on from the last one, as so many do. Which makes it ...”
Time is the greatest luxury.
“Time is the greatest luxury. But it's pretty fucking hard to buy. No, that wasn't ...”
Computer upgrade: where's the content?
“note to self: the future is in pc owners upgrading. remember to invest in services ...”
British parakeets in Teddington
“Decided to investigate UK parrots a bit further (my post about them was of neccesity ...”
Don't kick your mother!
“Oooh, there's nothing like the Daily Mail for getting my teeth griding on the tube. ...”
just heard a squeak squeak
“just heard a squeak squeak squeak approaching in the sky. turned out to be 2 ...”
posted by wap. because i
“posted by wap. because i could. thank you”
Armenian proverbs, stolen without shame
“Armenian proverbs, stolen without shame from notsosoft because... well, because they're wonderful (I've a feeling ...”
Drinking Budvar in Bratislava, 1992
“I seem to be going through a period of reflection. What with all those little ...”
The trials and tribulations of JavaScript: part 7,984,132
“I spent far too much time over the last few days wrestling with a particularly ...”
Ducks and obsolte software
“Been surfing Blogdex for some interesting links. I ended up offering to put Quack the ...”
Mobile phone tossing Finns
“Those crazy Finns, they're at it again... being crazy. This time it's a mobile phone ...”
Reading Gordon's book
“Inverting the theme this time: fall and rise. I finally got around to starting Gordon's ...”
I remember where I was when I first heard about XML
“Talking of rises and falls, my mind also meandered its way to mid-1997. Not sure ...”
An old-school bon viveur and gourmet
“Walking through the alleys around Leicester Square, I was reminded of lunch with Chris some ...”
Kandinsky in Paris and the Pompidou Centre
“We were spending a day in Paris, and everyone had their own idea of which ...”
Wierdest ever injury this morning.
“Wierdest ever injury this morning. I stumbled out of bed around 8am and straight into ...”
As I mentioned, we recently
“As I mentioned, we recently moved. I've been trying to get video captures of the ...”
I've spent a morning suffering
“I've spent a morning suffering from dream confusion. "Hey, that computer I ordered should be turning ...”
File under "read when there's
“File under "read when there's time"... another wonderful blog”
I love stumbling over obscure
“I love stumbling over obscure little websites, like Lindsay's Technical Books. Lists of wierd and ...”
Finally this busy weekend, we
“Finally this busy weekend, we went to Gill's aunt's 60th birthday. 60th birthday, 60s party. ...”
On Saturday, in the middle
“On Saturday, in the middle of all this unpacking hectivity, I ducked out to get ...”
Last Friday we moved house.
“Last Friday we moved house. It all crept up rather quickly - Gill had made ...”
Wow! I made some more
“Wow! I made some more web pages. In print contains all of the articles I ...”
Oh yeah! This obscure words
“Oh yeah! This obscure words thing could get to be addictive. I'm moving house tomorrow. And ...”
Wow! Even better. I have
“Wow! Even better. I have a favourite new word. Callipygian. Go look it up.”
Been having fun with obscure
“Been having fun with obscure words. Niina somehow manages to be both obdurate and yet ...”
Why Computers are Useless
“Read some great stuff on why computers stink at Ted Nelson's computer paradigm expressed as ...”
Digital Watches Beeping on the Hour
“Sitting in the cinema, listening to all the usual post-film warnings about turning off mobile ...”
Gill has gone away this
“Gill has gone away this weekend - for a Hen weekend. So for Friday night, ...”
Last night, Rowan made up
“Last night, Rowan made up a lullaby to sing Lola to sleep. So tonight, I ...”
The Making of... Dan's Homepage
“I have been meaning to build myself a new home page for a long time. ...”
FUCKFUCKFUCK! Remind me never to
“FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! Remind me never to type novel-length meanderings in this FUCKING blogger window. I always manage ...”
Rowan got her first ever
“Rowan got her first ever school report last week. Clever girl!”
Just finished reading The Marsh
“Just finished reading The Marsh Arabs by Wilfred Thesiger in a battered yellow old 1967 ...”
Been doing more random blog-surfing.
“Been doing more random blog-surfing. This story is an absolute gem!”
I've been meaning to run
“I've been meaning to run some Webtrends reports on my personal site for... most of ...”
When I was younger, around
“When I was younger, around 9 or 10, I spent all of my time either ...”
Been thinking about another of
“Been thinking about another of the many cycles that I go through - the dream ...”
The other day, I received
“The other day, I received an Important Official Notification at the flat. The notification was ...”
Two very vivid dreams last
“Two very vivid dreams last night. In the first, Matt had (after much cussing) just ...”
Wow! Went flying last week.
“Wow! Went flying last week. Leo Burnett were holding their annual sports day at Foxhill's. ...”
Devoted some quality time to
“Devoted some quality time to Amazon (UK) surfing. Auriea's wishlist prompted me to set up ...”
No surprises.... materialism has been
“No surprises.... materialism has been linked to depression and anger”
Thanks for Jeff for pointing
“Thanks for Jeff for pointing me to Ugly rooms for the beautiful people. Does it ...”
My Musical CV
“I was asked to list my "musical history" yesterday, for a band website somebody's planning ...”
I read an amusing spin
“I read an amusing spin on the usual virus hoax today, courtesy of Lockergnome”
Remind me not to try
“Remind me not to try cycling again with my laptop and my bass on my ...”
Just went to Peter Jones
“Just went to Peter Jones to buy some new bedsheets... well, I've been promising myself ...”
Two suits came and plonked
“Two suits came and plonked themselves down opposite me on the train at Loughborough. Which ...”
I've never been too keen
“I've never been too keen on ironing. Extreme Ironing may change all that. But then, ...”
Thank you Amazon, for finally
Thank you Amazon, for finally delivering the most amazing cookbook in the world - The ...”
I walked and walked, circling
“I walked and walked, circling outwards from the suburbs of Sheffield. As I emerged into ...”
Road Cone Gallery
“Had myself a ball reading through Kibo's road cone gallery.”
Belgium, Man. Swodding Belgium!
“Been meaning to write about Belgium for ages now. It's been almost a month since ...”
2 weeks ago I woke
2 weeks ago I woke up with a dead arm. Not just numb, buzzy, pins ...”
Had a great time last
“Had a great time last night, hanging out in the Front Room bar down the ...”
There we were, pootling along
“There we were, pootling along in Matt's car, when I saw the taxi coming the ...”
Belgium man. Swodding Belgium
“Belgium man. Swodding Belgium”
My prison bitch name is
“My prison bitch name is Sugar Pussy. Nice.”
So I finally decided it
“So I finally decided it was time to go to The Restaurant. I had heard ...”
Dinner Party with Martha and Phillipe
“Saturday night... Dinner Party. First proper one in ages - Martha came over with her ...”
Got the 20.25 train back
“Got the 20.25 train back up to Sheffield on Friday night - I had a ...”
Thursday night at Leo Burnett's
“Thursday night at Leo Burnett's is traditionally party night. And last Thursday was the biggest ...”
And JC too. What the
“And JC too. What the fuck. Oh, and thanks to Niina for this gem from a ...”
So glad that people notice.
“So glad that people notice. I didn't realise I'd left my blog unwatered for so ...”
Niina asked to be mentioned.
“Niina asked to be mentioned. Niina. Blah. Hope that'll do.”
Wednesday night was gig night
“Wednesday night was gig night - much anticipated, much planned and prepared for, but all ...”
For every butterfly whose wings
“For every butterfly whose wings flap in Tokyo This old lady coughs a song down in ...”
If I ever know of
If I ever know of anyone sentenced to execution, I'll be sure n'buy them one ...”
Russian Cocaine
“Last Friday night was drinking night. Unusually, I didn't need to dash and catch a ...”
Been enjoying a little name
“Been enjoying a little name game havoc. Y'see, our newly merged company is not the ...”
One result of the ongoing
“One result of the ongoing great loft clear-up of 2001 is that my tape collection ...”
Oh dear. Oh dear oh
“Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear. Uh-oh. ...”
(I fucking hate it when
“(I fucking hate it when something crashes as I'm in full literary flow. Start again... ...”
Winston Churchill was fond of
“Winston Churchill was fond of noting that the Chinese symbol for "crisis" is the combination ...”
Dinner last night at Zaika
“Dinner last night at Zaika - been meaning to visit for a long, long time. ...”
Wonderful Weekend Cooking
“Had another wonderful weekend of cooking, largely courtesy of Madhur Jaffray's World Vegetarian. Each weekend ...”
Been a long time without
“Been a long time without posting - too long. So what's new? Saw the head ...”
Met up with JC last
“Met up with JC last night, at long last. We were intending to go to ...”
Seriously tempted to buy a
“Seriously tempted to buy a pair of Possum Fur Nipple Warmers. Then again, maybe not.”
Shit - I just posted
“Shit - I just posted loads here about a wonderful dream I had, swimming inside ...”
And while I'm on a
And while I'm on a moaning streak... bloody passport forms! We've been trying to get these ...”
David's flat (where I usually
“David's flat (where I usually stay when in London) had a visit from the TV ...”
Purse found on a train
“Found a purse down by the side of my seat in the First-Class compartment of ...”
I'm writing this while travelling
“I'm writing this while travelling up to Sheffield by Midland Mainline train. We leave St ...”
Stalactites at Bow Road Station
“Stalactites at Bow Road station this morning. Why? Whenever I have visited caves, the tour ...”
Direct Marketing, Kiwi Juice and Office Gossip
“Another weird dream (real-world tie-ins in the footnotes). I?ve lost most of it in the ...”
All My Base are Very Hungover
“Ouch. Very, very hungover. Drinking started at 11.30am yesterday, not sure when it ended. A ...”
Inspiring City Skylines
“City skylines are always so inspiring - where the big clutter meets the wide open ...”
John Kenton's Dad
“Went to visit John & Sue last night, also met Sarah there. John told us ...”
I Need a Tekken-Style Combat Thing
“This morning's dream - I wanted a computer game, needed a computer game. I think ...”
The Zen Cycle-Route
“Had planned to see Caroline and John play last night. As the gig didn't start ...”
King's Road, Chelsea
“Walking down the King's Road at lunch time, saw an old woman standing on the ...”
Chewchat Database Crisis
“Aargh! Crisis to deal with! But it took me about 2 minutes to get to ...”
The Mysterious Adventure Restaurant in the Woods
“Had a wierd, wonderful and detailed dream - perhaps only remembered because I had to ...”
Epitaph for a Failed Perfectionist
“I'm currently busy trying to learn that a thing doesn't need to be perfect to ...”
John Hoyland at the Graves Gallery
“Yesterday, after a leisurely shopping trip around Sheffield (leisurely mainly because we had to stop ...”
Picks from
“Favourite picks from this week's Need To Know Things my girlfriend and I have argued about ...”
Singing in the Car
“Wonderful drive home - I was listening to You Know Faust and decided to start ...”
Sitting in Cromwell Hospital
“Sitting waiting in the Cromwell Hospital today (today? yesterday? What the hell - what difference ...”
NTK Viral Marketing T-Shirt
“Finally got my NTK Viral Marketing T-Shirt today! Yayyy! I am one happy bunny (with ...”
Remove Penis, Insert Finger
“Read in this morning's Metro about a man who had a finger transpanted on in ...”
The art of slow reading
“Reading on the tube into work this morning (Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels), I was ...”
Valentine's Slave Auction
“Last night we hosted hard reality and Leonardo's Valentine's party. I was auctioneer - we ...”
More damned email problems
“Spent most of yesterday troubleshooting damn email problems. I had previously managed to wrestle with ...”
Free Love with the Bohman Brothers
“Treated myself to my first LMC gig in yeeeeears last night, Free Love (a free ...”