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2008: Work

Like I said, I’ve been meaning to post a summary of my last 18 months. Perhaps easier if I split it into two: work, and personal. So, work: I started freelancing in the middle of 2007, and I’ve done a whole bunch of interesting jobs since then (see my CV for full details).
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social networking

For almost 18 months now, I’ve been meaning to blog about my “current situation” (admittedly a moving target over that period). But my blogging has gone stale: I only wrote 8 posts in 2008 – in the distant past there have been single days when I’ve almost managed this many (the period leading up to September 11 2001 seems to have been particularly fertile). But what’s even more obvious to me is that I didn’t write anything of substance in 2008, just quick status updates and links to photos I’d taken.
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Fixed my blog (again)

The holiday period is, of course, a time for doing all of those things which you’ve been meaning to do for the last year, but could never find time for. And so it is that, at 6am on an insomniac New Year’s Day, I started re-building my K2 blog theme which somehow devoured itself after a WordPress upgrade a long time ago. It should look much nicer now. And I’ve even hooked in my Twitter feed (where you’re much more likely to find me nowadays than on this blog). Now I just need to write a few more posts…

Clean Code by Robert C Martin et al

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship, by “uncle” Bob Martin & his associates, is a great book, and one which any developer will learn a great deal from. In most respects, it is a five-star book, but… the title is misleading. By rights it should be called “Clean Java Code”.
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