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Posting Things in Holes

Jeez… ought to get at least one blog in during November!

I just “liberated” a 5p piece out of my computer’s front panel locking-hole, and two 20s and a 10 from the Zip drive (best bloody use of a Zip drive that I’ve heard of so far if you ask me, as a storage space for loose change). Haven’t found anything in the floppy but it’s early days yet. Thank heavens for tweezers. And thank heavens (hmmm) for leedle girls, with a money fixation and a craze for posting things into holes.

A day in Nottingham with Rowan and Lola

Took Rowan and Lolly out for the day on Saturday. Rowan made her usual protests about wanting to stay at home, but they were less emphatic than usual, and pretty soon forgotten once we’d left the house. We caught the bus into town, train to Nottingham, and taxi to Keyworth where I collected the car (quelle shock! I’m another 500 quid poorer, after having the clutch replaced, new rear brake pipe and associated fittings, and seat stripped down and re-welded to get rid of its awkward wonkiness).
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