Anti-War Demo

I hadn't done this for a long time. Felt right though. Apart from the ubiquitous Socialist Worker tat, and most the chanting (didn't join in with it for the same reason I don't shout "the referee's a wanker" at footy).

I'm fed up with the Labour party saying that war is not a moral issue, and with them justifying it using the anthrax attacks and threat of further hijacks - these were the responses to the war that Bin Laden had planned for just such an occasion.

Good day out.

Rowan, Gill and Lolly 3 kids with banners Angus Soldiers and protestors Jessie and Rowan
Demonstrators Jessie Rowan and sign Sign Policeman
Dad and child Rowan and Jessie Lolly Demo Dad and kids
Bush is a wanker Love and Peace sound system War makes it worse Osama Bin Bush Rowan and Jessie
Devonshire Green
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