Wales Holiday

Our annual trip with Alison, Nic, Emma and co, this time we went to Arthog in Wales, where we had already camped once this year and several times previously. Spent 10 days there and, with beaches, canoeing, walking and tourist attractions, seemed to manage a more active holiday than in the last couple of years.

Bill going underground Lola Dan, Emma and Lola Campfire Lola
Gill Ollie and Gill Rowan and Nic Rowan Bridge
Barmouth Beach Lola and Jessie Jessie and Bilbo Jessie and Bilbo Jessie, Lola and Bilbo
Llanberis Swans Lola on Snowdon Rowan on Snowdon Snowdon
View from Snowdon Horseriding Rowan and Gill Gill and Rowan Tree reflection
Lola Lola Dan, Lola and Natasha Chickens Rowan and rooster
Windmill Flowers Flowers 2 Onion flower Onion flower with butterfly and fly 1
Onion flower with butterfly and fly 2 Flower Lake Gill Lola and Natasha
Sword display Swordfighting 1 Swordfighting 2 Swordfighting 3 Wooden post
Metal post The twin flowers Concrete post Gorse light Crab shell
Crab remains 1 Natasha and Lola Crab remains 2 Metal post Metal ring
Metal and ferns Jake up the pole Lola Slate arch Old wheel
Jake at the quarry Rowan at the quarry Vertebra Dan and Lola Deer at Dunham Massey
Dan and Lola
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