Guy's birthday/house-warming party, Antwerp

What can I say - a shoal of nemoids converged on Antwerp for the weekend, and what a weekend we had (despite the fact that we never made it to the Ferrier for a meal - in fact, the restaurant was being hurriedly put together, the seats and decor in a different arrangement every time we walked by). We spent an evening and a day seeing the sights of Antwerp and then Saturday night - BAM - the party at Guy's new (and rather roomy) house.

Graffiti Veuve Jan and Sue Guy Jan and Sue
Devil and Jesus Jan Jesus Fairground Jan Car trails
Fairground Fly Jan Jelly chicken Drink Water
Street corner Fucking Shoes! Adriaan Statue FBI agent
Agent Clint Ruin Hairy blob thing Kids on the street Jan Sue and Jan
Jan of the massive ear Sue Quickie Models Dirk?
Me Guy and Thalia Party Party Didah
Clint, ruined Flowers Museum Jan Jan
FAD is all you need FAD is all you need
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