Around Penzance

Our annual holiday with Alison and Nic, Emma and co. was this year spent camping close to the tip of Cornwall. The campsite, Noongallas, was perfect - owners John and Kay were as friendly and helpful as could be, gave us produce from their garden, lent us body boards to surf with and organised parties where excellent local ska/funk/hip-hop band Prime Skandal played and free homity pies were on offer. The local countryside and beaches were beautiful, relaxed and sunny. The locals were more welcoming than anywhere else in Britain. And the Cornish light, beloved of artists, also made for the occasional half-decent photograph.

Lola and the bouys Lola and buoy Automata 'Oss Head
Gill Bilbo Sandcastles Lola Lola
Bilbo Lola Bilbo and Lola Rowan The lads
Playing with fire Prime Skandal Prime Skandal Plaits Computer huddle
Chrysalis William swinging Rowan and damselfly Ollie Dan
Nic Jake Bilbo William Dan
Flowers Lola and Bilbo St Michael's Mount Seagulls Lola
Lola Bilbo and Nic Girl and boats Girls and boats Gill
Causeway to St Michael's Mount Causeway Lola and Gill Emma, Lola, Alison and Bilbo Bilbo
Lola Jessie and Ollie Ollie Jasmine Lola
Bilbo and Lola Cornish moors Blackberry pickers Lola and Bilbo Dan
Alison and Nic Aerial shot? Damselfly Dragonfly Shield bug
Group photo Rowan Rowan Lola Lola
Beast Ollie and Jessie William Jake Dan
Amber and Rowan TV Chestnut leaves Quarry 4x4
Skulls Skulls Anchor Boats Structure
Bilbo Gill and Nic Prime Skandal Nic
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