Spider Park

We've been to the Spider Park on several evenings lately, and every time I wish I that I'd taken a camera: the wide, flat open space, up near Lodge Moor at one of the highest points around Sheffield, the recent clear blue skies with only wisps of clouds, the incredible evening light. Unfortunately, today was the day that Autumn undeniably arrived - although it was beautifully sunny, there was a sharp chill edge to it, and the sun seemed to set about 30 minutes earlier than last week. We got to the park with about thirty seconds to spare before most of the sunlight was obscured by trees, and after less than ten minutes there we were too cold to hang about. The photos weren't as good as they would have been if I'd taken my camera a week earlier (there's always next summer...), but I did manage a few decent snaps.

Rowan Lola Lola Lola Fence
South West Lola Lola Lola and Rowan Rowan and Lola
Rowan roundabout 1 Rowan roundabout 2 Rowan roundabout 3 Rowan roundabout 4 Rowan roundabout 5
Lola roundabout Lola Lola Sky Rowan
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