Devil's Somethings

On leap-day, we went for a walk in the countryside, looking for pre-historic remains up on Bradfield Moors near Wigtwizzle and Ewden. Gill said the place was called the Devil's Toenails, Terry later said he thought it was the Devil's Spectacles, I dunno.

We didn't get very far (because Lola soon developed cold feet) - from the bit marked "Enclosure" on the map across the "Bar Dyke" and along the footpath South-West for about half a mile. And we didn't find much in the way of pre-history other than the dyke, right next to where we parked the car. I told Rowan it was probably full of ancient dead bodies, and she ran from the top pretty sharpish. We did though find some very large footprints in the snow, probably of a large dog but... who knows, could have been one of the elusive Peak District pumas. Probably explains the abundance of sheep bones in the area.
Rowan Lola Lola Gill's snowman Gill, Rowan, Lola and snowman
Birch tree and view Snowball fight #1 Winter trees Lola Lola
Snowball fight #2 Snowball fight #3 Snowy hills Sheep skull Rowan
Lola Orange bracken Dry-stone wall Cliff Edge
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