FAD goes to Islington

The intrepid FAD team set off for our (or at least my) first night touring the private views of London. The idea is that we film proceedings, interview a few artists, throw a little alcohol into the mix and hopefully get something interesting out of it. Unfortunately, I think we threw the alcohol in at the wrong end - Mark and I polished off two bottles of Pinot Grigio at The Foundry before we even got started. From the very beginning of the night, when we caught the tube one stop from Old Street to Angel, we had wobbly feet and non-functioning memories. Several litres of free (err, donation) private view wine didn't help matters too much.

We only made it to one viewing, at the Candid Arts Trust in Islington, to see the first show of the Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair - a very mixed show of arts and crafts. Jim, our resident art critic, was not too impressed, but we had some fun anyway. Afterwards we fumbled into the Old Red Lion and then I left alone and somehow, I have absolutely no recollection how, managed to spirit myself two or three miles down the road to Ed's studio in Aldgate. There I proceeded to fall asleep on the floor until I was slightly (but only slightly) less drunk, then I headed off with Jan to his flat where, once again, I crashed out straight away.

The next morning I treated myself to some fresh air, strolling along the North and South banks of the Thames until I reached the Tate Gallery. Took in an hour's worth of high art, then spent another hour at nearby Floatworks, floating away the stresses and strains of the previous night (but I still kept the headache).

Jim and Wayne Mark on an escalator Walking down the steps The Joy of Sex in Old Street Jim and Phil at Old Street
Mark on the tube WTF My feet Piano lights Jim on the escalator
Pictures at an exhibition Jim and Phil Poppies Jim Jim and Phil
Jim and Phil Jim and Phil Phil gets intimate with Mark #1 Phil gets intimate with Mark #2 Mark
The Old Red Lion Phil, a woman and Jim Blurry woman and blurry Jim A street, somewhere in London Ed's studio
Somebody in Ed's studio Fuzz Tower Bridge The Two Towers Millenium Bridge
Weather Project #1 Weather Project #2 Weather Project #3 Weather Project #4 Weather Project #5
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