Aeroplane Trails over Sheffield 13th March 2005

Sunday was one of those days, a clear blue sky (Spring is beginning to poke its head around the door) with no wind at all. The aeroplane trails hung around for hours, slowly evaporating. When I took Gizmo down to the Ponderosa for a walk, I couldn't resist taking my camera with me and just shooting at the sky.

V for Victory Criss-cross Taxi Ponderosa Wiggly path
Football and Flats Aeroplane trails over Crookes Valley Methodist Church Carved wooden head at the Ponderosa Carved wooden head and hand at the Ponderosa Aeroplane trails and Netherthorpe flats
Aeroplane trails: freeow! The Orange Window The Orange Window The Dog and Daffodil Moon and tree
Daffodils Crookes Valley Methodist Church Barbour Road Windowsill with daffodils
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