Astrid Chesney at Dazed and Confused 13th July 2006

Last Thursday, I went to London and we had planned to visit an ambitious list of Private Views. In the end, we only made it as far as Dazed & Confused's offices on Old Street, where there was a show of paintings by Astrid Chesney. Bumped into Rankin there and had a good chat.

Afterwards, we went to the Old Blue Last for some 1234 Action - photos here.

Mitch, Kirsten and Mark at the Foundry James at the Foundry Astrid Chesney at Dazed and Confused
Astrid Chesney at Dazed and Confused Rankin's elbow and two cool black chicks Caught between two ears
Smoking in the gallery Another fuzzy photo of Rankin and Mark Entrance to Dazed & Confused
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