London, Teddington and Kew Gardens

We went to stay with my parents for Easter weekend. Alice, my cousin, was there, and she and Rowan kept each other amused in the house and on excursions. This was actually this first video-capture I did, and I hadn't quite got the hang of it, so half the pictures contain multiple frames. I quite liked the effect, so I kept them in.

fuzzy yell fuzzy guard fuzzy feed bird food green Gill
Rowan Radio Plant performers Mother & Daughter Song & Dance Rowan Radio 2
Fuzzy Fish Fuzzy Paolozzi Footsie Paolozzi Pagoda walk Rowan & Alice
Alice band Nose #1 Nose #2 Ballet Close-up
Spider study #1 Spider study #2 Spider study #3 Spider study #4 Cat study #1
Cat Study #2
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