We spent a week of our summer holidays in Wales. For the first two nights we enjoyed the luxury of Portmeirion.

Portmeirion is a bizarre Italianesque village on the Welsh coast, setting for the TV series The Prisoner. By day it is a tourist spot, teeming with visitors. By night, the village is a hotel, serving some of the best food and wine I have tasted. The visitors leave at 6pm and for the twilight hours, we have the many gardens, terraces and follies in which to enact our own Prisoner fantasies as a massive game of hide-and-seek.

The village also has several miles of adjoining woodland and beach, planted with an assortment of exotic species and dotted with more bizarre architecture. Places like this normally only appear in dreams.

Rowan on steps Rowan on steps Portmeirion Pool Statue
Statue Stumble Stumple Crumple Jumple
Mumple Grumple Spires Snuggle Seated
Flower Rowan Seat Petals Buildings
Statue Hide'n'seek Run Hide Yah!
Tin Pond Spire Statue Greenery
Rowan on Steps Lawn Path Steps Archway
Gate Legs More legs Smile Lens cap
Underground Statue Tree Lighthouse Beach
Sandy Wormy Rocks Finished Hills
Rocks & flowers Branches Woman Forest Twisty
Girly Portmeirion Nymphs Runner Creature from the black lagoon
#6 Bizarre Ghost Garden #1 Ghost Garden #2 Ghost Garden #3
Ghost Garden #4 Ghost Garden #5 Ghost Garden #6 Spooky Barky
Drifty Climbing Driftwood seat Japonaise Open air
Swinging Smiling
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