Daniel Sumption

It started out as a doodle, but now it's a cat.
This looks kind of like 2 people kissing & arguing at the same time, maybe?
I n my younger days, I used to scribble down loads of stuff. I never seem to get the chance much now. Maybe I should have another go at it?

gaaaaaaaaaaaargch A prose piece - "The Monkey"

More prose, this time on Manic Depression(!)

A pome on a more romantic(?) note

This is where it gets really wierd - I like to call this one Croissant, though that may not be what you'd like to call it.

I secretly long to be a TV Reviewer

Sometimes when I'm depressed I head for a Coffee

Here's some stupid nonsense poetry.

You really don't want to know what Parks meant to me when I was younger!

This doodle has a distinctly froggy feel.

Begone with you...