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Singing in the Car

Wonderful drive home – I was listening to You Know Faust and decided to start singing along. Half an hour of comical improvised noises and nonsense poetry bellowed over the shifting music. I’ve got quite a nice voice really. But then, we all think that, don’t we? A lot deeper than I remember it being – I could pass for an opera singer. Hmmm…. why have I been wasting my time trying to improvise on instruments all this time. Vocal noises & nonsense poetry from now on.

After that the Blur album came on and I sang along with the few words I know from Beetlebum and a couple of others, still having a whale of a time.

Got bored with that after a bit, so I forwarded to the next CD – Student Studies by Cecil Taylor, a series of improvisations around a theme. I had forgotten how much I liked this CD. Awesome stuff. The intellectual beauty and symmetry of classical music combined with the driving power and passion of jazz. In my (usually quite humble) opinion the most flawless piece of improvisation I have ever heard. Must dig out my other Cecil Taylor CDs.

Strange feeling, searching for info on the CD from Google, and finding one of my own pages (albeit a meaningless one) so near the top of the list. Especially after finding the top ranking for the Faust CD going to one of philz’s sites.