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Fighting for Photographers’ Rights

It’s been an interesting couple of days. Saturday’s Guardian Weekend magazine had a new section called “In Pictures” – a set of around half-a-dozen photos on a theme (this week: water). They were asking for submissions for the next week’s mag (theme: Parklife), and the best one selected would win a Canon Ixus camera and a photo-printer.

I have a few interesting park photos (in particular, this one), so I thought I might give it a shot. Unfortunately, details on the competition were pretty thin, and I had to read the small print to find out where to send the photo, and what the deadline was. Good thing I did. The terms were not nice! The story is perhaps best continued by quoting the post which, with small alterations, I submitted to the Guardian Unlimited’s talk website, Flickr’s Utata and Flickr Central group discussions, and the Lightstalkers website for professional photographers. (Oh yeah, I also posted it to the Krautrock Message Board, just to keep friends in the loop): Continue reading Fighting for Photographers’ Rights