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Crookes Valley Painted in Purple

Crookes Valley Park at night on a long exposure

I picked up the final item in my camera package today – the tripod. Walked into town with Gizmo to collect it (about a 90 minute round-trip). On the way back, walking through Crookes Valley Park, I couldn’t resist (very foolishly) sitting down on a park bench in near pitch darkness, pulling the tripod and head out of their boxes, unwrapping them and trying to work out, using my hands alone, how to fit the whole lot together. I’m glad I did it (and also glad that, as far as I’m aware, no pieces dropped out) because it meant that I got to take this lush 25-second exposure shot: just check out those ducks!

New Year

Happy New Year everybody!

We had a great time. Visited Gill’s mum & Dad, very simple but lovely family evening. Sat outside around June’s new chiminea, eating pie and peas in the snow, then came inside and played party games.

I seem to have got very drunk. I think mainly because Gill kept asking me to hold her drink, and every time I would down it in one before giving it back to her (well, it was funny the first time).
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