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2008: Work

Like I said, I’ve been meaning to post a summary of my last 18 months. Perhaps easier if I split it into two: work, and personal. So, work: I started freelancing in the middle of 2007, and I’ve done a whole bunch of interesting jobs since then (see my CV for full details).
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Mouse-wobbling blobby things

I’ve been spending the last few days on some rather interesting ActionScript challenges. I’ve been building a sort of a lava lamp gloopy movement machine. I’ve been up to my neck in physics and trigonometry, so today when I had to change the way that the mouse moves objects around in the “gloop”, I got too carried away with triangles and tangents before coming home to think, and realising how simple it ought to be. Here’s some fun code, paste it into any MovieClip in Flash: put it on the first frame and then on the last frame, add a simple gotoAndPlay(2) so that the initialisation doesn’t take place twice. Or turn it into a proper object: this is just my quick & dirty version:
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