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Functional JavaScript

Two or three years ago, my polyglot colleague Dave Spanton persuaded me to try functional programming. I took a few basic Haskell tutorials, but went no further. I got the sense that there was a far deeper seam there which I really needed to dig into, but time, and the pressures of work, gradually drove the need out of my mind.

In the last couple of weeks, I finally made time to go deeper. And I did so by taking the Hardcore Functional Programming: Advanced JavaScript Coding course, by Joe Nelson and Brian Lonsdorf, on Udemy (Udemy had one of their sales on — I swear they have more sales than DFS — and so I picked the course up for just £12, rather than the £78 advertised).
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The trials and tribulations of JavaScript: part 7,984,132

I spent far too much time over the last few days wrestling with a particularly intractible JavaScript problem. I had a funky little form which the guys had built me, with an image in place of a submit button, which called the JavaScript form.submit() function to, err, submit the form. Problem is, it didn’t. It kept telling me “object does not support this property or method”. Which is damn stupid, because every fule kno that JavaScript supports the form.submit() method. My JavaScript book tells me so. The numerous website I’ve built which use it tell me so. The websites I scoured for insights into my problem told me so. I was particularly disheartened when I tried pasting one piece of sample code alongside my own, and found that their form.submit() worked and mine didn’t.
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