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2008: Life

In part one of my “2008 and thereabouts” retrospective, I talked about what I’d been up to work-wise. Now I’m going to focus on my personal and family life. I find this side of things a little harder to talk about, and recall, if only because for most of the year, I spent five days per week at work (usually in London, away from my family) and the other two days recuperating. But here goes…

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Christmas radio. And things.

Over the Christmas and New Yea period, I’ve been listening to a lot of Resonance FM via Windows Vista’s UK Radio Sidebar. Heard some wonderful shows, but it’s all been very perplexing. Being a bit of an email junky, I find myself drawn to my PC several times a day, and I usually end up sitting in front of it for far longer than I’d intended, and firing up the radio player to occupy me.
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Christmas on the Radio

The more observant of you may have noticed that 25th December falls on a Tuesday this year. And that my radio show, Empty Space, is also broadcast on a Tuesday.

Next Tuesday I will in the studio as usual, broadcasting across Sheffield and the world. But as Christmas is all about spending time with your family, I’ll be dragging my wife and kids along with me.
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Lola’s School Play

Lola as a shepherd in her school play

Yesterday was Lola’s school play. She dressed as a shepherd and ran the orchestra almost single handed (because several other kids were away, so she covered for them), playing tambourine for one song, chimes in another, wooden blocks in another, and finally a set of five musical bells which she dinged with great accuracy. That girl has a great musical future in front of her!

Photos of the Family




Since I got my camera last week, I’ve taken a huge number of snapshots, all pretty much at random but some of them have come out beautifully. I’m especially pleased with some of the shots of people. Rowan and Lola, of course, always come out looking gorgeous. Rowan has blossomed recently, she looks about three years older than she did a fortnight ago. I took a couple of pictures of her pushing Becki’s pushchair and, if you didn’t know better, you’d think it was yet another shocking example of young mums nowadays. Lola continues to look cute, but with her too something has changed recently (I think it’s her neck thinning out) which makes her look less toddlerish and more girlish. Mark even managed to capture a few half-decent photos of me, once I’d shown him how to press the button on the camera, and even Gill likes the photos I’ve take of her (and she is, of course, the harshest critic of photos of herself). I especially like the one above, a great example of accidental composition: the light above her head (which I didn’t even notice when I took the shot) and the shadow at the bottom (caused by the lens hood) give it a nice duality, and the "horns" the light gives her make her look like the Egyptian goddess Isis. All totally unplanned and unintended.

A day in Nottingham with Rowan and Lola

Took Rowan and Lolly out for the day on Saturday. Rowan made her usual protests about wanting to stay at home, but they were less emphatic than usual, and pretty soon forgotten once we’d left the house. We caught the bus into town, train to Nottingham, and taxi to Keyworth where I collected the car (quelle shock! I’m another 500 quid poorer, after having the clutch replaced, new rear brake pipe and associated fittings, and seat stripped down and re-welded to get rid of its awkward wonkiness).
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