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The food in my fridge

Ah, the dilemmas of food. Several months ago I took the cookbook The Single Vegan down to London with me, because despite being neither single nor vegan, I thought it might offer some handy recipes for me for when I’m staying alone in Dave’s flat. Unfortunately, even its frugal shopping lists are too much for me… it offers lunches and dinners for a week at a time, and it’s all very well being told that I can use the other half of my carrot in tomorrow’s lunch, but if I’m not here tomorrow lunch-time then the other half just gets wasted. At the moment I’m probably at the flat for one, or if I’m very lucky two, meals per week. Makes it kinda hard shopping for fresh veg (especially as I am easily tempted). I guess I am the classic target for frozen-ready-meals, but I so wanted to make the effort to do it myself.
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