New photos – sort of

Some of my more observant friends have noticed that I’ve hardly uploaded any photos in the last few months. My last set on Danshotme dates from early October, and I’ve only posted half-a-dozen or so pics to Flickr since then.
Marcin in a bar, Wroc?aw Sonny Simmons
I have been going through one of those “fallow periods” which will be familiar to all photographers. Of course, whereas in the past a fallow period meant not touching my camera for six months, now it means that I average only one hundred or so photos per week, rather than the usual couple of thousand. And I’ve had neither the time nor the inclination to do much with those photos.
Burlesque murder Burlesque apple-bobbing

The advantage of this is that, when I finally get around to looking at the pictures taken over this period, they often surprise me with their freshness, because I have had time to forget what they look like. The disadvantage is that I’ll probably never get around to editing them, because it just seems like too big a task.

Anyway, a few of my regular readers (and it seems that I do have them) have been clamouring for more photos. And I’ve sort of been itching to upload some myself. So I have produced a few new sets, but I still haven’t had time to sift and edit them. So these are rather large sets, of photos without any kind of retouching or colour/exposure correction. With those provisos in mind, please enjoy:

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  1. then the sun come out i was back in sheffield for one day at least and all seemed allright with the world.. been haveing the winter blues meself of late, and agreed when you take as much as you do, then the task of putting them up is hard, plus falling into the pub would not of helped but well done i like them all.. who erm freenoise gig what a blinder that was.. this why i have locked me self in at rawmarsh and put the camera down i need to come back fresh.. your an inspration do feel like teching me?

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